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Team Total Fitness: A Season After

Posted by on 26. April 2012

New Kids No More

Time does move so fast when you are having a great time.  It just seem like yesterday that the team were just  a group of strangers bundled together in a photo shoot for the Team’s feature launch in Total Fitness magazines.  The new kids in running and multisport block (read here) we were back then as we came in full force in our debut race in Adidas KOTR with most conquering new distances and the rest conquering new personal records.  Of course, that says the story from in the beginning and here’s to look back at the first full season before we became new kids… no more.

Race… Race… and more Races

One of the basic tenets of a team is that you have to establish presence and with that the Team was active in the running and multi sport scene with a racing load of about 2-3 races in a month.

  • We’ve raced in the rain in the Anvaya Cove Triathlon, Energizer Night Run and New Balance Power Run on our first full weekend racing.
  • We’ve had a crampsfest in Powerade on a full duathlon distance.
  • We’ve conquered 400 meters of elevation of Tagaytay Highlands in Nathan ridge run.
  • We’ve raced in the country’s largest highway in Quezon City International Marathon.
  • We’ve tested our limits against the uphill trails and terrains at Corregidor International Marathon.
  • We’ve welcomed 2012 in back to back races with Run for Pinoy Glory and PSE Bull Run.
  • We’ve took on the scenic yet challenging Subic International Marathon.
  • We’ve conquered the skyway and the country’s first midnight marathon in Condura Skyway Marathon.
  • We’ve opened our triathlon season at Speedo National Age Group Triathlon.
  • We’ve run the extra mile with Rogin-E’s last man running.
  • We’ve started 2012 duathlon season with Powerade duathlon in Filinvest.
  • We’ve conquered the Tagaytay Highlands trails at Salomon trail run.
  • We’ve survived a zombie infestation in Outbreak Manila.
  • We’ve coasted on the fine white Boracay Sands in Skaython.
  •  We’ve gone the long course in TNF100.

Training Time

Total Fitness is the brand we represent and most of all it’s the lifestyle that we live.  We do take our training seriously as we have a day to run as a group in either an all-out effort interval session, a core and run combination workout or a long and tough hill run.  There’s also our long runs and long rides on weekends wherein we at times workout as a group.  Every start of the week just means you have a new program to complete where you start logging the required swim, bike and run mileage.  At the start, it gets difficult to comply with but as the season went on you get to find ways in squeezing the needed workouts while trying to balance the other stuff in your life.  After all, Total Fitness does mean being fit mind, body and soul.

We also have triathlon camps conducted by Coach Andy Leuterio wherein we get to have an actual brick workout which usually combines a swim session, a long and tough hill ride and a run workout.  This aim to simulate actual triathlon and duathlon events improving the team’s endurance and transitioning from one discipline to another.

And the Fun Times

Before you get the impression that Team Total Fitness is all work-out and no play, we do also meet socially just to have time to bond over a good meal or a round of drinks.  It also does take longer to leave our training grounds now as we do have a lot of stories and experiences to share as a group.  We also just don’t swim, bike and run, we also write.  Total Fitness was kind enough to include us in their writing pool and some of us had the opportunity to see our actual by-lines and photos in the magazine.  The Team also enjoyed full coverage from the magazine during the whole duration of the season.  Of course, part of the fun is having supportive sponsors (Total Fitness, Oakley, ON Cloudrunners, Brooks Apparel, Polar, Cep, i-pure, Chris Sports, Honey Stinger, Dermplus,  Epic Triathlon and Cycling Wear, Moving Comfort and 100 plus) were all the way to support us and we are all grateful for all the support.

Better and Bolder

In just a few days, it’s gonna be a whole new season.  New team mates, new sponsors and new challenges.  We’re definitely better and bolder… Stay Tuned!!!

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