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Take The Indoor Duathlon Challenge

Posted by on 19. July 2013


Duathlon is a combination between running and cycling and usually comes in the Run, Bike and Run sequence with varying distance.  I was able to do 3 duathlons already and what I like about duathlons is it distributes the efforts on the muscle groups like running has more impact on the calves and the knees while cycling is more on the quads.   Cycling is an excellent complimentary sport to running as you do develop stronger quads and builds both leg power and faster cadence when running.  It was really satisfying finishing my first duathlon and improving further in my succeeding ones though of course, I still have a lot of room to grow when it comes to multisports.

Be a Duathlete

You can be one too and you don’t need to purchase a precious bike for this one.  All you need to do is to Register at Fitness and Athletics  Facebook Page for P600 for first sign up and P450 for succeeding sign ups just in case you want to beat your previous record.  And you’re IN for the first and only Indoor Duathlon Challenge in the Country.  The Indoor Duathlon follows a 3 Kilometer Run, 20 Kilometer Bike Ride and 2 Kilometer Run on these top of the line equipments.

Intenza 550 TE Treadmill for the Run Leg

Le Tour De France Bike Trainer for the Bike Leg

Getting to try these equipments is enticing enough but you get to add finishing a duathlon event with loot bags, gatorade and finisher shirts as another feather in your cap.  So have fun and challenge yourself in a different arena and be part of the first of its kind indoor duathlon by Fitness and Athletics Company.  The indoor duathlon is ongoing starting June 6 until August 31, 2013 at Fitness and Athletics Company, 28th and Corner 9th Street at Bonifacio Global City.

All Finishers Have a Chance to Win The Le Tour De France Bike

Celebrity and Elite Duathlon Challenge

Isabelle Daza and Friends Taking the Indoor Duathlon Challenge

To spice up the indoor duathlon event further, Fitness and Athletics Company held an indoor duathlon for select celebrity and elite athletes last July 18, 2013 featuring Female Elite Triathlete Sandra Araullo-Gonzalez, Female Celebrity Triathlete Isabelle Daza and Male Elite Triathlete Nikko Huelgas with sponsors and members of print and social media as their audience.

Sandra Araullo-Gonzales started on fire on the treadmill and endured on the tougher Le Tour De France Bike Trainer before finishing strong on the run leg.

Isabelle Daza went on a steady pace both on the run and the bike part but showed she can endure and finish the duathlon challenge.

Nikko Huelgas was on beast mode all throughout the indoor duathlon event and even broke the course record of 58 minutes.

It was fun watching them and chatting with them as well as with the different participants during the event.  Seeing Nikko Huelgas break the course record and the pace he did it was just amazing and worth all the wait. The long night is over but the indoor duathlon event is still ongoing.

Nikko Breaking the Course Record

I also tried the Le Tour De France bike trainer and even with just a short time cycling, I felt it is far more challenging than a regular bike trainer.  It was fun watching elite athletes take the challenge and I know it would  even be more exciting as I try the indoor duathlon myself in a few weeks.  I will be scheduling mine real soon and as for me, I’m always up for a challenge.  Time to hit the trainers and train real hard.

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How about you? Are you game to take the indoor duathlon challenge?

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