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Zarks Ultimate Fun Run 2018

I love intimate runs especially when there’s the freshly-made, tasty and mouthwatering Zarks Ultimate Burger waiting for you at the finish line. That’s how we enjoyed Zarks Ultimate Fun Run as it’s definitely fun in the run as well as fun in the bun. Continue reading »

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Call Me Fearless

Immuvit Fearless Challenge Among the races I’ve completed this year was the Immuvit Fearless Challenge, which consist of two obstacle trail run and one metafit race.  Surviving is one thing but going through the whole experience is another.  To tell you honestly, I never expected I can finish and survive all obstacles thrown at me.  … Continue reading »

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Immuvit Fearless Challenge Leg 2

Metafit Compliant No Excuses Having survived Leg 1 (Read about it here), Leg 2 (pre race blog here) should have been a no brainer but before I went on to this race I had a series of pros and cons analysis that played in my mind.  After landing bad in one of the obstacle in … Continue reading »

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Incoming: Immuvit Fearless Challenge: No Excuses

Leg 1 Primer: Immuvit Fearless Challenge: No Surrender Leg 1 Race Blog: Immuvit Fearless Challenge Leg 1 Metafitness Ever felt that your energy level fades on a long run and your stride becomes heavier? Or the level of fatigue and muscle pain you feel when transitioning from bike to the final run in a multisport … Continue reading »

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