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Immuvit Fearless Challenge Leg 2

Posted by on 30. September 2012

Metafit Compliant

No Excuses

Having survived Leg 1 (Read about it here), Leg 2 (pre race blog here) should have been a no brainer but before I went on to this race I had a series of pros and cons analysis that played in my mind.  After landing bad in one of the obstacle in Leg 1 (Military wall), I had an inflamed tailbone which had me sidelined for two weeks so had the original date pushed through which was September 15, I would have completely missed it. It was moved to September 29, which was then just a day before KOTR where I would be running 16.8K. At the end given that I’m not in my A-shape for a PR-type of race and KOTR would be more of a training run so why not give the metafitness challenge a try.  It would also do justice to all those painful Chuck Norris workout (10 sets of 10 push ups, 20 crunches, 10 air squats and 30 seconds plank and a 800 meter run) as we’ve been doing a lot of core workouts in our group sessions lately.

What have I gotten myself into?

The Race

Honestly, going into the challenge, I had no idea what would the exact drills be and lucky me when I was filling up my form, I checked the beginners which was slightly easier than the advance level.  The race was divided into several waves from advance, beginners and team competition.  The participants would do 20 Rip 60 Pull Ups, Big Tire Flips, 20 Swipe Push Ups, Tire Pull, Lunges with 40 pounds weights (advance had a longer walk on this part), 20 burpees with push ups and a dash to the finish line.  Ladies participant had to do 10 sets instead of 20 and use 20 pounds weights instead of 40.  The key difference for the beginners and advance would be a longer time at the ledge.  The team competitions does this series of exercise in relay type.  Each participant had one marshal assigned to monitor proper form of the exercise.  The Quezon City Memorial Circle was an excellent venue for the event.

 The Warm Ups

The Warm Ups

The warm up was equally exhausting as the whole activity as we had to do push ups, squats, lunges, stretching and a whole lot more and this was also the part of where we were told about what we were to do.  Funny twist here that since I entered the beginners instead of the advance, we initially were informed that the magic number is 10 which was corrected a few seconds before the start as 10 sets for women and 20 sets for men.  Oh No!!!

Rip 60 Pull Ups

Rip 60 Pull Ups

Upon reaching the Rip 60 area, you get assigned your own Marshal and I ended up having Hazel of Pinoy Biggest Loser as my Marshal.  I did the first 12 in a breeze before being reminded that I should conserve energy so I did the next five after a brief rest and then went for the last 3 after another breather. 3, 2, 1…

Tire Flips

I got the head ups to go for the bigger tires instead of the smaller ones as even if it were heavier, it would take less flips to do the back on forth of the obstacle.  The exercise is really a good one as you have to be on the squat position to flip the tires which can help strengthen your quads.  Except for my tendency to bend forward, I did fine here.  On the flip side, I need to strengthen my lower back to reduce this tendency.

Swipe Push Ups

Swipe Push Ups

Swipe Push Ups

Next was 20 sets of swipe push ups.  This was a different type of push up since you have to switch sides before doing the push ups.  I didn’t take long on this part and that’s thanks to Coach Andy for including a lot of core workouts in our regular group workout sessions.  This was the last of the core workout drills.

Tire Pull

Tire Pulls

This was running while pulling a tire which tends to slow you down a bit but since running is my element, this was also a breeze as I did two loops on this part.  This was also a good exercise as adding resistance to your running also helps make you stronger.  I took a water break before proceeding to the next obstacle.


Lunges with 40 pounds weights

This was far the hardest part as you have to do lunges carrying two dumbbells weighing 20 pounds each. Overhead going forward and lowered going back.  I could feel the sting in my inner thighs in this activity.  I took several steps and decided to rest thinking I have to go through the two cones. Since I was on the beginner leg, I just had to do it until the first cone so went on to finish the first cone without the rest and went on to do the return with dumbbells lowered.


Burpees with Push ups

One burpee would have you do a push up and then jump up back with a clap.  We usually do this to at training but never 20 at a time so I decided to do 4 sets of 5 burpees and resting in between those sets.  By doing it in several sets it felt less exhausting and after a while 20 sets was done. It was not easy doing this as it uses several of your key muscle groups.

Dash to the Finish

Dash to the Finish

After doing my burpees, it felt so good to be done with all the exercises. I then dashed into the finish line for a strong finish. All that in 10 minutes.  It was a total body workout.  MetaFit Challenge Survived!!!

And My Thanks To:

My Marshal – Hazel of Pinoy Biggest Loser

Special Thanks to my Marshal Hazel of Pinoy Biggest Loser who’s been tough in the workouts and at the same time encouraging in all the workouts.  A lot of thanks also is due to Running Host Boy Ramos for going through the whole set with me and giving me key reminders in the exercises.  Thanks to Immuvit for the Complimentary Race Kits and of course, thanks to my team mates in Team Total Fitness James and Rojan who also covered my wave after they were done with their leg.  Running with those two speedsters is always a pleasure.

Team Total Fitness Survives Metafit Race

Main Event

Jojo Pauly vs Ian

I just couldn’t resist writing about this one as it was competition at its finest and it’s not even about who wins the team relay.  Jojo Pauly of Team USB was tagged as the last member for the relay and started ahead of Ian Alacar who was the last member of Without Limits in the Rip 60 Pull Ups. Ian ate some of Jojo Pauly’s lead in the Rip 60 and went slightly ahead after the tire flips after doing one of the faster tire flips of the day.  Ian eventually widened the lead in Swipe Push Ups and the Tire Pull but Jojo Pauly caught up and got the lead in the Lunges.  Ian again rallied in the burpees and reduced Jojo Pauly’s before eventually yielding to Jojo Pauly’s by just three burpees.  What a duel?  By this time, the winner of the team relay had long been determined but this duel caught everybody’s attention and epitomized the fun we all had in the Metafit challenge not only as participants but also as spectators.  We had the same level of fun watching the finals for all categories.

The Marshals

Most Valuable Players for the event though goes to the marshals who joined all the waves and did the distance several times over.  They even joined some of the legs as participants. Great Job!!!  The Metafit Race was an intimate run where everybody was pushed to their limits and everybody had fun doing it.

Photo Duties

Photos at Team Total Fitness Page

I also took photos while waiting for my wave and after.  You can view photos here.  While you’re at it, please do like Team Total Fitness Page.

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