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Run United Enervon HP Recovery Run

Posted by on 16. December 2014

55 Minutes Worth of Stories and Fun Complete

Distance: 5K
Location: Bonifacio Global City
Date: December 14, 2014

 Consistency is what gets you to the finish line strong but it is recovery that gets you to the starting line.  While we invest a lot of mileage during the year, it’s really important to squeeze a period of recovery in between the cycle.  While #RunUnited Series was all about going faster, higher and stronger, #RUHPRecoveryRun was all about putting premium on recovery with runners encouraged to run at an easier pace with elite athletes and running bloggers pacing them all the way.  #EnervonHP

Run United Enervon HP Recovery Run

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Race With Me

If you’ve been following me, you’ll notice my Race With Me post on Instagram. Twitter and Facebook.  I was supposed to run 21K for this one but I got invited to be a pacer instead.  Of course, I couldn’t decline an invite from Unilab because it’s a good way to “Pay It Forward” to the running community.  I got assigned a pace of 55 minutes for the 5 kilometer distance and for those who don’t run often, that’s a really slow pace and may be equivalent to brisk walking 5 kilometers.   At this pace, you can even take 5 selfies per kilometer.  It’s a different challenge for all of us, including the Unilab Elite Team, who’s not used to running at this pace but this is really going to be exciting.

Let’s do this!

Race Route

Race Route Powered by Suunto Movescount

Race Starts at 34th Street and goes through 32nd Street and 30th Street for the first U-Turn.  After the first U-Turn, the race heads back to the full length of 9th Avenue all the way to 40th Street for the second U-Turn.  The course loops into the Triangle Drive before heading back to 11th Avenue and 34th Street for the Finish.

[wpbanners-show id=”8″]

The Race

Team Violet – 55 Minutes / 5 Kilometers

I was at the venue at 4 am since we still needed to ensure we have our pacer bibs and balloons.  We saw the 21K runners being sent off for their gunstart. The 21K runners were really lucky as they had all the leg room for their run as this one is a much more intimate run compared to the Run United Series.  Up next was the 10K runners and 5K runners with their pacers.  I was grouped with Unilab Elite Team Claire Adorna, Supladong Irish Runner (Jared) and Irish.  One of the good part of the run was to be able to meet the elite athletes and much more pace with them.

5K Pacers

On the list of pace groups, we were assigned the slowest pace at 55 minutes for the 5 kilometer distance.  If you’ve been to races, you’ll notice that almost everybody starts out fast and eventually slow down as they get exhausted in the race.  We expected to have zero runners on our group at the start but it was great that Claire was able to convince a kid to pace with us.  As the race started, everybody went off fast as expected and since we’re assigned an 11 minute per kilometer pace, we started doing our brisk walk.  We were able to maintain the desired pace and save for one kid, we had no other runners. It was fun joking around with other pace groups like telling them they were overspeeding and they would get speeding tickets for that.

Brisking walking our 5K Distance.

1 kilometer into the run, we started to have more runners or even overtake some runners.  Yes, we were just walking all the way and telling stories. Jared was even singing at some points.  It was also nice bonding with Claire as we were joking about our slow pace.  We just see elite runners and triathletes from a distance on their podium races.  Talking to them up close gave us the idea that aside from their serious training regimen, they are also fun to be with.   We were also able to post some photos in Instagram during the race.  3K into the run, one of my runner friend, Israel caught up with us since he came in late.  I told him to just pace with us since he deserve the easier pace having done the 21K distance the day before at Milo.  At this point also, we started seeing the faster paced 10K runners.

Definitely having fun! – Photo by Lem So of Pinoyfitness

The weather was perfectly cool this morning which made our brisk walk pace really comfortable.  We still were doing our mileage and burning calories even at this pace.  It also gives you an appreciation of the pace, the course and that running can be fun and easy too.  The amusing part was being overtaken by some 10K pacers and then see them stop a few meters before the finish line because they are still minutes away from their expected finish time.  We too were ahead of our pace by 3 minutes so we went really slow walking towards the finish line before waiting for the race clock to be at 55 minutes before we crossed the finish line.  That’s a successful 55 minutes for a 5K run.

Yey, we made it!!!

That’s 5K worth of walking, talking and having a great time.  I guess, this also shows that people shouldn’t be intimidated joining races. Just join and you’ll find out that this is something you can do.  You’ll get the hang of it after crossing the finish line.  After the race, we were treated to breakfast at the pacer lounge.  There were also several booths on recovery from self-stretching, recovery ice pools, self Myofascial Realese and even mental recovery; which gave runners a better appreciation of the different recovery regimens.

Self Myofascial Release really helps as it removes the tightness you accumulate running.

It was fun being a pacer for a change and I did bring home my pacer balloon as a souvenir.  It also gave us new friends in the community.  Great Job Unilab Active Health for bringing us Run United Enervon HP Recovery Run!!!


Outfit of The Race

This is my outfit for the race. Top – Adidas Lakers Singlet, Bottom – Under Armour, Shoes – Newton Distance III, Watch – Suunto Ambit 3 Peak, Shades – Salice Eyewear, Visor – Under Armour and Socks – Under Armour

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