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Pinoyfitness Sub 1 Challenge 2015

Posted by on 31. March 2015
Pinoyfitness 10K done and over with.
Location: SM Mall of Asia
Date: March 29, 2015

It took me  a few months of consistent training before getting my first Sub 1 10K time. I like that Pinoyfitness has pushed this concept to challenge runners to have a goal and to train for it.  It’s not an easy goal but it’s a doable one with proper training.  #PFSub1 had people bringing their A-Game to the race as they raced against the hour clock towards the finish line.  Having a fun wave also give people a more relaxed atmosphere to run yet get to be inspired by people who worked hard to beat their personal record and the sub 1 goal.

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With Pinoyfitness Founder Jeff Lo After the Race.

Running gets more exciting when you start chasing goals.  It keeps you motivated when you train, anxious when you race and adrenalin-filled when going for that elusive goals.  A Sub 1 10K is one of a runner’s goal and Pinoyfitness creates the fast paced environment and a flatter course in the SM Mall of Asia to beat the 1 hour time limit.  For this edition, I opted to go for the Walker wave or the fun wave.  My training is not sufficient considering I took a month off after my marathon in February and my races this month were mostly, scenic bucket list races like Sierra 51050, Corregidor International Half Marathon and the Cordillera Mountain Run.  The goal was to go at a feel good pace, see the adrenalin overload and feel the good vibe of people meeting their sub 1 time.  As thing are during the week, it was a bit hectic so I just timed my arrival in SM Mall of Asia just in time for the walker wave gun start.  Since, I didn’t expect myself to go competitive on this one, I opted to miss out on some of my key running essentials like Calf Sleeves, Energy Gel and yes, even my race belt. I just wanted (make that, needed) to run at a decent pace.  Let’s see how it turns out.

Race Route

Race Route Powered by Suunto Ambit 2S and Suunto Movescount

Race starts at Seaside Boulevard and passes by Sunrise Drive for the first kilometer.  From Sunrise drive, the race proceeds to Macapagal Boulevard and a portion of the CCP Area until kilometer 4. The race goes back to Mall of Asia via Diokno Boulevard approaching kilometer 6.  The rest of the course goes through the other end of Seaside Boulevard until Macapagal Boulevard and then proceeds to the finish line on the way back.

Race Details

It turned out that I wasn’t on the walker wave. – Photo by Pinoyfitness

I arrived at the venue at around 5:20 am, which meant I have enough time to claim my kit and warm up for the 5:45 am gunstart or so I thought.  I went to the Soleus booth and met Judith, brand Manager of LTimeStudio and Soleus and she asked my what my wave is, I happily said, it’s walker wave.  It turned out that she and her group was also a part of the walker wave though they had a different bib color.  Long story short, I was part of the Enervon Activ wave which already had their gunstart.  I didn’t know if I should just go and catch my wave or just wait for the next wave.  Eventually I decided to just go with the walker wave even if I would probably be the only one with a red bib on the walker wave.  It turned out that the walker wave was sold out and I ended up having an earlier wave.  I’m good with that as long as I still get the chance to cover the distance.

Hey look someone has a different bib color. Photo with Team Soleus.

When I entered the starting shoot, the marshals were telling me, I can already go ahead but I said I’ll just go with the walker wave.  It would be easier running as a group than going solo chasing your wave.  I tried to change my strategy a bit from a feel good run to a best effort run since I wanted to try to overtake some runners in previous wave, or else I would be the last red bib crossing the finish line.  I started to go at a sub 6 minute pace just to obtain some separation and have a bigger running leg room from the pack.  Midway to the first kilometer, I eased into a  6:30 minute pace since I need to insert some walking breaks since my legs was just warming up and was rusty.   The pace was decent enough for a good run but it was not a pace that would take me to the finish line in an hour.

The Goal is just to run at a decent pace.

My legs are designed more for long runs as it takes me so much time to warm up.  The stiffness lasted until the second kilometer that had me shifting to a more consistent 7 minute pace as I went to Macapagal Boulevard and to the CCP area.  I was starting to overtake some runners from the previous waves by the third kilometer.  I guess the chase can be exhausting but it can be satisfying seeing yourself speeding up and overtaking people.  It was a steadier effort heading back to SM Mall of Asia via Diokno Boulevard with me reducing my walking breaks and making use of water stops.  By the 6th kilometer, we were already back in MOA so this just means that it will take the full length of Seaside Drive to cover the remaining distance.

It’s important to be consistent and just keep on running.

It’s nice that there are motivational quotes you get to read in kilometer markers.  You get a glimpse of the finish line at kilometer 6 and it’s so inspiring seeing people pushing themselves in chasing the 1 hour cutoff.  That’s what makes sub1 fun to watch.  People trying to outdo themselves to meet their goals.  I went back at my usual pace, though I did slightly slow down at the 8th and 9th kilometer since I was reserving my energy for one final push at the last kilometer.

It’s time time give it all out.

Km 9 was in front of the SMX area in Mall of Asia.  I had to give it one final burst from thereon so I went for a faster cadence and went on to go straight to the finish.  I saw Running Host Boy Ramos, who was doing his rounds while hosting the event.  He ran with me for a few hundred meters with me and he was reminding me the basics on proper breathing and posture.  I then proceeded to push myself towards the finish line for a strong finish with a time of around 1:11 or about a 7 minute pace per kilometer.  Not bad for someone who’s mentally ready for the fun wave.  Finally, a decent run after being busy the whole week.  It was great seeing people happy with their medals as they did earn it by beating the sub 1 time.  Congrats to them and to Pinoyfitness for a great race.

Cheers to you all from me and my hydration partner, lightwater!!!

Outfit of the Race

This was my outfit for the race: Top- Adidas (My Runs designed by Breakout Design), Bottom – Under Armour, Shoes – Adidas Ultra Boost, Watch – Suunto Ambit 2S, Eyewear – Spyder Nomad H, Visor – Pinoyfitness, Socks – Runnr

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