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On Running Brings Versatility Into Their Shoes

Posted by on 2. May 2017

It’s been more than a quarter now after shifting back to ON Running Shoes for my road runs.  They have more variety and versatility now that gives you the feel of running on clouds in their shoes.  #OnRunning #PHGameOn

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On Running Shoes

Cloud Flash Launch

Cloudflash Launch

Each shoe brand has its own technology.  In terms of function they can be similar but each one comes with a different approach.  On Running Shoes uses a CloudTec® technology which uses cloud pods to cushion each foot strike and propels you off the next stride.   That added cushion can reduce impact on your knees and feet, which when accumulated can mean a lot of wear and tear.    That’s the key technology that powers On Running Shoes.  They recently launched their fastest shoes on the line, which is the Cloudflash.  It’s their own version of the racing flat, which is aimed to gain as much speed on the road and on the track.

It’s built to make the most of each second on the run.  Flashy can be one word to describe the Cloudflash. White is the new flashy and it will definitely make you stand out on the race course with its white and neon color way.  To save weight, they took out the midsole and replaced it with a more efficient speed board. The speed board is made from Pebax, which is designed to return energy from the landing to the take off.  It’s also designed of lightweight nano-mesh material, which does not absorb water, keeping it light even as you sweat.   Weighing at just 6.2 ounces, it’s a shoe designed for the personal-record chasing athlete.

On Running Brings in the Versatility Into Their Shoes

So far, I’ve tried 3 types of On Running Shoes now. The Cloud, which I got last January. The Cloud Surfer, which I got to try out during the launch and the Cloud Flow, which I got last March.


The Cloud

The Cloud

The Cloud is your everyday running and lifestyle shoes.  It’s a minimalist shoes with a maximal cushioning care of the CloudTec® pods.  I’ve had the Cloud since January and was able to run with it up until a half marathon.  It’s more of an active lifestyle shoes, which you can use day to day but serviceable to get on you on the short runs.  I like that the lacing system can be converted to a slip on shoes.  I enjoyed that it has a lightweight feel at 7 oz, which can help you breeze the shorter run.  If you can harness it for the long-runs, then it’s good to go. If you tend to heel-strike like I do, go for the more cushioned On models like the Cloud Flow or the Cloud Surfer.  What I’ve been loving about the cloud is it’s casual look.  It actually looks like a topsider and is really comfortable as a day to day shoes.

Cloud Surfer

Cloud Surfer

Cloud Surfer

When it comes to cushioning, Cloud Surfer is probably the most cushioned among the On Running line.  Of course, with more cushioning comes a little more weight. The Cloud Surfer weighs in at 9.7 oz.  Despite having a maximalist feel, the Cloud surfer is remains reactive on the road.  I was able to try this out on a speed session at ultra. The end result was zero pain on the legs and knee. It felt like floating with that cushy CloudTec® feel.  You’ll barely feel the weight as the cloud pods gives you a lift on the take off.   You can also go with the Cloud Surfer for training runs to add power to the legs while training with a heavier shoes and race with a lighter On model.  Cloud surfer can be a perfect go to shoes if you prefer some added protection and cushioning.

Cloud Flow

Cloud Flow

Cloud Flow

The Cloud Flow is my favorite in the current line of On Running Shoes.  It’s 7.8 oz, which is mid-range between  the Cloud and the Cloud Surfer.  It has a more cushioning and gives you a better and more responsive feel of the road.  I’ve been doing my training runs with the Cloud Flow and it really brings back the fun into running.  I was surprised to be able to run at a faster pace the first time I used it and barely noticed that I already did more than 10 kilometers with less wear and tear on the road. Each run felt light and efficient with the CloudTec®.  It’s the perfect balance of lightweight feel and cushioning.  It’s a great race shoes that is efficient and can really reduce wear and tear with a running on clouds feel.

Running on Clouds

Picking a shoes is not a walk in a park.  If you find a shoe that works for you, invest on the shoe, harness it and just run.  I’m glad to be running on clouds again.   The soft cushy feel of each step with On is just what I needed to pile in more road mileages on training and on the races. See you on the road.

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