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If the Shoe Fits

Posted by on 3. November 2011

Finding the right running shoes has been like rocket science to me.  While most running shoe store would be able to suggest shoes to match your foot type and pronation, nothing beats trying your shoes for a run to know if it fits you perfectly.

When I started running, I didn’t even care what shoes I had on as long as it matches the color scheme of my outfit but of course, you suffer all the discomfort of a mismatch in shoes during a run or it might take you a longer time to recover.

I shifted to cushioned shoes and it felt fine but I did feel the strain of lifting the weight of the shoes as I started piling the miles on a long run.  Any additional ounce of cushion on your shoes, you take that every step of your run.

I then shifted to lightweight shoes and it felt real easy to run and I was able to run faster and smoother but the problem is you feel more impact with every stride you make.  You get more beat up with a lighter shoes so balancing weight and cushioning has always been a dilemma when it comes to buying shoes.

And then came ON Running Shoes which came in as the Official Shoe Sponsor for Team Total Fitness.  It was the perfect compromise a lightweight shoes weighing just about 9 ounces and a cushioned shoes with the Cloud Tec cushioning system which effective cushions the impact of each stride but as I said earlier, the effectiveness of the shoes is well tested during actual runs.

The first time I put it ON, I literally couldn’t take it off as it had the soft cushiony feel that provides comfort to your feet. First test was a 10 x 800 meter speed session and it was a breeze as the bouncy feel gave more power to my stride and was able to finish my speed sets faster than my usual pace.  I also tried it ON for a long run and since the 3D cushioning reduces wear and tear in the legs, you feel less fatigued in the latter part of the run allowing you to finish stronger on a run.  I also took it on a hill run and it did help me conquer the hills.  It’s also durable with my ON running shoes about two months already and I barely scratched the outsole.

I have now found the shoe that fits me perfectly and it makes perfect synergy that the newest kid on the running and multisport block, Team Total Fitness is enjoying the newest shoes on the block, ON.  I’m a proud member of Team Total Fitness and I am a proud ONbassador and that to me is a perfect fit.

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