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Welcome Back On Running Shoes

Posted by on 20. March 2017

On Running Shoes gives you that soft cushy feel when you run with their Cloudtec Technology.  Running on clouds is now back in the Philippines and it’s available at Secondwind, Planet Sports, Dan’s, Total Sports in Bacolod, Podium Multisports in Davao, Sprint Multisport Shop in Cagayan De Oro.

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On Running Shoes

On Running Shoes was our official shoes of Team Total Fitness in 2011

On Running Shoes was our official shoes of Team Total Fitness in 2011

The return of On Running Shoes brought in some nostalgia as it’s been our official shoes when I was still a part of Team Total Fitness in 2011.  I got my first On Running Shoes in Singapore and as soon as I tried it on the treadmill, I got attracted to the soft cushy feel when I run.  In fact, I was wearing On Running Shoes when I set my 21K personal best.  At the time of hard soles and stiff shoes, On Running shoes was a breathe of fresh air.  On Running Shoes feels like running on clouds and it also has wide toe area to keep you comfortable even on the latter part of the long run.  It gives you a good bounce to push you on your next stride and it absorbs impact to reduce the wear and tear in your knees.  Unfortunately, the brand didn’t stay so long in the country though I was still on the lookout and saw a lot of improvement in the brand.  This time, they have more options for different needs of the runner.

On Running Shoes is Back!!!

On Running Shoes is officially back with the launch at Secondwind in Ayala Malls The 30th at Meralco Avenue in Ortigas last March 17, 2017.  It was a fun launch as we got to try the On Running Shoes.  I got to try the Cloud Surfer, which has the flashy color of neon yellow on the test run.  We had 3 loops at the Ultra Oval to Warm up, followed by 4 loops Speed Sets with Core Workouts in between.  If you’d been following me, you’ll know that I’ve been struggling with shin splints for months now. During the test run, I didn’t feel that familiar sting as I started to run, which just says so much with the superior cushioning of On Running Shoes.

With Christina of ON Sales Team in Switzerland, ON Brand Manager Nica and Dan's President Joey Ramirez

With Christina of ON Sales Team in Switzerland, ON Brand Manager Nica and Dan’s President Joey Ramirez

After the workout, we returned to Secondwind for the formal launch.  It was nice to hear the views from Dan’s and ON Team.  We also had a chance to win some stuff on some games.  I did win an On shirt.  They also do have really impressive apparel line.  I’m really excited that On Running Shoes is back.  I love the color scheme.  I love the different shoe type.

Running On Clouds



When the first few stock of On Running Shoes came to town earlier this year, I got myself On Cloud.  It’s the lightest in their line at just 7 oz.  It’s an excellent race shoes that gives you a lightweight feel and at the same time ample cushioning.  I’ve been running on cloud since January and tried it up until a 21 kilometer run.  So far so good but the thing I love about the shoe is the look.  If you check closely, it deviates from the usual sporty shoe look but goes on a more casual look.  It’s a running shoes that look like a topsider.

When your race shoes and casual shoes become one.

When your race shoes and casual shoes become one.

Of course, not everybody can go with a racing flat like Cloud, On also has different model with different level of cushioning and support depending on your need.

  • If you run fast on flats, there’s the cloud. It’s priced at P6,650.
  • If you go for lightweight and a more responsive shoes, there’s the Cloud Flow. It’s priced at P7,650.
  • If you want to have a more cushioned yet responsive shoes, there’s the Cloud Surfer.  It’s priced at P7,650.
  • If you want a light stability shoes for the long runs, there’s the Cloud Flyer. It’s Priced at P8,650.

The best way to check which shoe fits you best is to try it out.  On Running Shoes is now available at the following:

  • Secondwind, Ayala The 30th, Pasig
  • Planet Sports, Glorietta, Makati
  • Athleema (Dan’s), Makati and Bacolod
  • Total Sports, Bacolod
  • Podium Multisports in Davao
  • Sprint Multisport Shop in Cagayan De Oro

Check out On Running Shoes and get the soft cushy feel that cushions each foot stride and adds power on your next one.  So, let’s Get it ON!!!


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