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Mens Health Training Combine

Posted by on 3. June 2015

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#MHTrainingCombine was a test on the four pillars of fitness: speed, agility, power, and endurance.  It was challenging at the same time it was fun to do.  It’s a great way to determine key areas which you need to work on and it gives you a great workout to start your day.  About a hundred participants went on to test themselves against the challenges and it was nice to see some improvements in the trials. 

Men’s Health Training Combine

That’s how I fared at the Men’s Health Training Combine.  I still need to work on a lot of areas but I’m proud to say that all of my second trials was way better than the first.  It says that I can improve a lot with proper training.  This is how the fitness tests works out, you find out how well you did and areas to improve on.  Men’s Health Training Combine gives scientific assessment done by fitness professionals according to the four pillars of fitness: speed, agility, power, and endurance. After the baselines and benchmarks workouts, participants can opt to perform three grueling workouts—an urban obstacle course that tests both nerve and dexterity, a high-intensity landmine workout that challenges your explosive strength, and a grueling circuit that hones your mobility and endurance.  The event was held at SPARTA Philippines in Mandaluyong last May 30, 2015 with around 100 fitness enthusiasts raring to conquer the challenges.

Sparta was the perfect venue for the Challenges

Each participant was given a training kit and score card upon registration. Going through each station, they were scored both according to their fitness baselines and areas they need improvement on. The physically gruelling and mentally challenging tests include the Vertical Jump, Jump Throw, Broad Jump, 40-Yard Dash, 5-10-5 Agility, and 3-Cone Agility. Men’s Health Training Combine challenges and encourages readers to keep going as there’s always room for improvement; a Men’s Health guy never settles and never rests.

I went with some blogger friends for this one.

Before anything else, we started with the measurement of body fat percentage and I jokingly told the one testing if she’d be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement since I felt it’s gonna be a big percentage but it turned out that it’s about 19.5%, which was an acceptable level.  I think I should bring this down to 15% level in the future to be much leaner.

Fat Percentage Measurement

After the measurement, we had some warm ups to ensure that our muscles would be ready for the challenges.  We were given a combination of stretches and dynamic exercise and make sure that each muscle group is warmed up properly.

Warm ups before the challenges.

The next part was the vertical jumps.  From a squat position, we get to jump up powered by the legs.  I got 24 cm. on my first try and 26 cm. on my second.  For people with strong legs, they can easily go for 35 cm, and that’s something I need to work on as I used to have a higher vertical jump.

Vertical Jumps

The next challenge was the Jump Throw.  From a squat position, you try to throw a ball as far as you can.  I did a miserable 160 cm. on my first try but after getting the concept on where my power should be coming from, I was able to throw 234 cm.   That’s a really big improvement.

Jump Throw

The next was a Broad Jump. From a knee bended position, you try to jump forward as far as you can.  For the first try, I did 174 cm and was able to improve to 186 cm on my second try.

Broad Jump

The next was a 5-10-5 Agility test. This had us going from the middle cone to the right cone and to the left cone and back to the middle cone. This measures your agility as you go from one cone to another.  My first attempt was 6.75 seconds and improved to 6.59 seconds on my second try.

Half Way done.

The 3 cone Agility measure how fast we can go through three cones and back coming from Left and Right.  First attempts were in the 3.7 seconds and the second attempt was about 3.5 seconds for both sides.

The last challenged was the 40 yards dash which was a straight sprint until you reach 40 yards.  This felt so fun running under the soft surface of Sparta.  First try was a 6.19 seconds while second try was 6.03 seconds.  That felt really fast for me.

40 yards Dash.

We also did the circuit challenge which had us doing 15 mountain climbers, crawl to the other end of the field, 10 kettle bell swings and run several loops around the cone handled by HIIT.  We did it in over a minute.   It was exhausting doing this and also difficult transitioning from one exercise after the other but it was a great total body work out.

Star Pacer CJ doing the Kettle Bell Swing

There were also other challenges like the renegade twist and battle rope whips handled by functional fitness that tests your power and is a good strengthening workout.

Renegade Twists c/o Functional Fitness

Battle Rope Whips

Ninja Academy also came up with a challenging obstacle course where you do some burpees, jumps, climbs tire flips, hurdles and forward roll as fast as you can.   It was definitely a tough one.  We spent some time watching this and Allan of Running Free Manila went on to try it.


It was indeed a great way to start our mornings being challenged by the different Men’s Health Training Combine Activities.  It’s pumps your system up for the full day and it gives you areas to work on for your other fitness activities. Yes, Century Tuna also gave us a really healthy and tasty breakfast for our efforts.  Looking forward to more Fitness Activities like this.

That’s All Folks.

This event is brought to you by major sponsors Century Tuna, Enervon Activ and Chris Sports, in partnership with Ninja Academy, Functional Fitness, and HIIT Philippines. Men’s Health June issue is now available on newsstands and in bookstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide. A digital edition of Men’s Health is also available for download on your mobile device through Apple Newsstand, Buqo, and Zinio.

It was nice meeting Grace of Summit Media too.

For more details, visit, follow Men’s Health on Facebook:, on Twitter and Instagram @MenhealthPH.

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