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Tagged With: Speed

Mens Health Training Combine

#MHTrainingCombine was a test on the four pillars of fitness: speed, agility, power, and endurance. It was challenging at the same time it was fun to do. It’s a great way to determine key areas which you need to work on and it gives you a great workout to start your day. About a hundred participants went on to test themselves against the challenges and it was nice to see some improvements in the trials. Continue reading »

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Incoming: Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge

“ When you add a goal into your run, it becomes a journey. Pinoy Fitness brings you a challenge that will test your speed and resiliency in a half marathon distance.  So will you take the Pinoy Fitness 21K Challenge? “ Running is a Journey Why do you run? You are the weekend warrior who … Continue reading »

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Disco Duathlon

Disco Fever Disco was genre of upbeat dance music that gained relevance in the mid 70s and lasted ’til the early 90s.  Disco was synonymous to party, dancing and a whole lot of fun.  People would pack disco houses dancing to upbeat music under the flashing lights generated with the help of a disco ball … Continue reading »

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