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Camp N to Bring More FUN this Summer

Posted by on 4. April 2016

Nuvali is adding another fun attraction that’s gonna literally take you to new heights.  Camp N is the perfect outdoor adventure and team-building hub with several challenges like the aerial walk, net climbs, high ropes, rappel, roller coaster ziplines and a whole lot more.

Camp N

Touchdown Camp N

There’s so many reasons to love Nuvali.  They have run and bike friendly roads and trails that can really give you a workout.  They have a wake board park that’s perfect for those who love to get their feet wet.  They have lakes, rivers and animal sanctuary that’s gonna touch the animal lover in you.  They also have the family-friendly dining hot spots that’s perfect for those weekend getaways.  They’re adding one more reason to love Nuvali and that’s Camp N.

Camp N is for those outdoor loving adrenaline junkies who would love to make the most out of their time. – Photo by Dennis Ravanzo

We were lucky enough to get a media preview of Camp N last April 2, 2016 and got to see what’s Camp N is all about.  Camp N is Nuvali’s eco-city premier outdoor adventure and team building facility that serves as an incubation for self-discovery through obstacles and challenges testing one’s physical limits, mental abilities and even character and values.  While the North has Sandbox in Porac, Pampanga, the south has Camp N in Nuvali, Sat Rosa, Laguna.

Nuvali’s GM John Estacio welcomes us to Camp N

We designed Camp N in such a way that outdoor play and self discovery are integrated seamlessly so people can enjoy bonding while being surrounded by nature. Camp N’s philosophy – expressed through providing people outdoor amenities where one can commune, grow and interact socially – jive perfectly with the sustainable philosphy of Nuvali being an Eco-community,” said John Estacio, Nuvali General Manager

Archery Anyone? – Photo by Running Atom

After we were given a safety briefing on the facility, we were given the chance to explore the place.  We were given cards where we can earn points for each challenge, which we can exchange for prizes at the end of the event.  I was not actually looking forward to the prizes but more on the experience on the different facilities.  We tried archery first and they really teach you how to go through the motion and hit the bulls eye.  This doesn’t count for a point though but it was still fun to try.

Net Climb – Photo by Running Atom

We have to queue in the different facilities so we had our names listed in the aerial walk while we were waiting for our time in the high ropes.  They limit the participants in a certain area so it won’t be crowded and everybody gets a better experience.  The high ropes was more of a challenge of physical strength as  you get to pull your body weight until the top of the climb. At first, I was just aiming to finish half the climb but I’ve eventually managed to complete the full climb.

The Aerial Walk – Photo by Dennis Ravanzo

The Aerial Walk is among their key facility.  It’s a series of rope-based challenges set high on air.  The high and low ropers is a series of balancing platforms and tightropes set at a lower height.  While the first level is the lowest, it’s the time that you get surprised how tough it is to balance and power yourself on different planks and tightropes.  You also get full control of your harness as you manage to clip in from one area to another.

You get to transition from one level to another. – Photo by Dennis Ravanzo

When you reach the second level, you’re now used to that feel of the struggle but you get more comfortable moving on air.  It was time to strategize as each plank or tightrope require a different strategy.  I hanged on to the harness while slowly moving over the tight rope and relied on the supporting ropes on the net climbs. It’s not only physical strength that will let you surpass each challenge but it also needs strategy and staying confident.

Don’t keep me hanging!!! – Photo by Dennis Ravanzo

The third level consist of different ziplines, it’s the part where you strap in from one area and zip to the next.  While it’s easier sliding from one area to another, it’s also the part where you are at the peak of the aerial walk.  It’s important to keep calm and just slide. It’s taking a leap of fate but given how safe you are with their devices, you’ll easily get the hang of it.  It was fun to slide from one zip line to another until you are back in the base.

One… Two… Three… Shout – Photo by Dennis Ravanzo

This was really a full challenge. You get to test your balance on the first level. You get to test your strength on the transitions.  You get to test your sanity on the higher level. You get to test your courage on the ziplines.  I think this alone makes an awesome experience here.

Up in the air. – Photo by Dennis Ravanzo

We still had time left so we went on to check the adventure tower.  It’s a thrills-based and skill based facilities, which has the biggest rollercoaster zipline in Asia, free fall, wall climbing and rappelling.  The roller coaster zipline was a shout-fest as we heard people shouting at the top of their lungs while taking the roller coaster zipline.  The free fall is quick, painless and not for the faint of heart.  The wall climbing is challenging as it’s a high wall and there’s a part where you got to go at a different angle.

Running Atom trying out the wall climb.

There where also obstacle course that can go for those who have beginner, intermediate and advance skill set. They also have running and biking trails as well as greens, patches and camping areas for the nature lovers. Camp N is for everyone and anyone who is looking for some outdoor adventure fun and is also the perfect hub for companies doing team-building activities.

One of highlights of the aerial walk is getting to try these safety devices that allows you to strap in on the different ropes and ziplines.

On April 16, Camp N will be the venue for the first leg of the “AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016, a multi-stage adventure race similar to the Amazing Race, also popularized by AXN Network. Adventurers will go through intense obstacle challenges in Camp N and the first 20 finishers will head to Boracay for the final round. Only 200 Teams from Manila may join the AXN Ultimate Thrills 2016. Registration is through the AXN Website.

We had fun!!! – Photo by Running Atom

Camp N is located within the heart of Nuvali, right beside the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. The shuttles to and from Nuvali terminal to Camp N will also begin regular schedule beginning April 16. To Schedule team building sessions, guest can contact Camp N by [hone through 0977-84CAMPN (22676) or email camp-n@lakbaykalikasan.com.

Packages and Rates

  • Infinity – P1,300 (Includes Entrance, Zipline, Free Fall, Rappel Wall, Climbing Wall, Aerial Walk, Obstacle Course, Initiatives, High Ropes).
  • All Challenge – P800 (Includes Entrance, Zipline, Free Fall, Rappel Wall, Climbing Wall, Aerial Wall, Obstacle Course, Initiative
  • All Gravity – P600 (Includes Zipline, Free Fall Rappel Wall)
  • Zip and Air – P500 (Long Zipline, Climbing Wall, Full Aerial Walk)
  • Jump and Air – P450 (Long Free Fall, Rapper Wall, Full Aerial Walk)
  • Zip and Jump – P450 (Long Zipline, Long Free Fall, Rappel Wall)
  • Short Stint – P450 (Short Zipline, Free Fall, Level 2 Aerial Walk)

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