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Posted by on 5. October 2011

3 Become 1

I’ve moved to a new home and now all those post about my thoughts, my travels and my runs are now located in a single website,  I started blogging way back in 2005 via Inkblogs with a day to day anything under the sun topic range. I then set up my own travel blog via Travel tales for those who’d like to hear more about the travel part of the adventure and less of the drama. Lastly, after being seriously hooked on running, I started to document my races via Run-A-Holic for those who’d like to take part on the running experience with each race.

And now… 3 become 1 as Inkblogs, Travel Tales and Run-A-Holic are all in a single site but the good part about it is that it’s sorted in categories and pages so you can just follow what you want at your own pace and at your own risk but I do hope you get to enjoy the site.

I may not be blogging as much as I used to or want to as work-life-family-friend-travel-run balance is not the easiest of tasks to accomplish but I’m here to share a fraction of my thoughts, the excitement of my travels and the thrills of my runs or even some relevant topics that come in between.  The move to a new site has been months in the making as it does take time to migrate more than 500 blog posts in a span of 6 to 7 years but I’m glad that my work-in-progress is now complete.

Welcome to!!! 

The More Things Change, The More it Stays The Same

While I’m moving to a new home, I’d like to go back to the first blog, I’ve ever written.

” Busy days are quite common in existing as a young urban professional and taking an enormous load in graduate school… Somehow, events comes out with its heartbeat stopping twist… and the plot thickens… deadlines come and still come and still come (hey… why don’t they go)…

I always believe that each person has a story to tell and a life to live… Each one being a hero in his own story with all the twist and turns that unravel as we wake up day by day… each having to face conflicts and roadblocks… each story having its ups and downs… each story climaxing to a certain ending… The ending we create by the choices we make…

Decisions are made each moment… decisions which may impact a lifetime… The odd part is that we don’t always come up with the right choices… Being able to react positively or negatively to this defines our character… Success is not based on who gets the most but rather on who is happiest with what he got…

Except for the part that I am no longer in Graduate School, most part of it could have been something I could’ve written even at the present time.  Makes me think, had all the past 6 or 7 years been such a routine.  It wasn’t.  It was in fact a rough and tumble emotional roller coaster ride but the good part is that even at the low points, I do manage to get back at a comfort level.  I guess that’s how to be resilient. No matter what life throws at you, learn to adopt and go back to your comfort level.

I’m now at a much different level right now and chasing different goals but my approach to life has always been the same.  Take life as it comes and make the most out of it.


Learn to Adopt to Changes, You’ll Acquire a New Skill in the Process

Things change.  There is no escaping that and most of the time it is beyond your control but change is good if you learn from it.  It’s always how you react that determines the outcome.  There are things I had no idea I could do until I tried it out and it turned out to be a better move.  I learned a lot of new stuff when I was left with no choice but do it myself.  Necessity is such a good teacher.

It’s really easier to let the Universe run its course than waiting in futility to have the Universe revolve around you cause it won’t.  Hold firm on the fixed stuff and be flexible on the variable stuff.  One key variable you have complete control is your attitude so next time you’re stuck with difficult situation or impossible odds just remember that whining about just delays you from finding the right solution.  Fate may not always swing in your favor but having a life without looking back with regret is a life well lived.


October Running

After being upbeat all September on big things to come, I am slowly getting to peak form for October.  It’s just a few long training runs before the big 21K debut.  I can’t wait to get over the hump and finish my first Half Mary knowing that it’s been worth several months of effort and sacrifices.  I am setting modest goals as of now but it’ll always be my best running foot forward for this run. Another thing that keeps me upbeat is that something new will also come to town and it is not much of a surprise but still I won’t spoil it all I can say is the next big thing is so close and things are heating up for its grand entrance.

Travel mode will be activated shortly as I’ve been idle on the travel scene to focus on my training schedule.  No details yet but this should shape up in the next few days and along the way, I should start to get my thinking cap on for future getaways.  I should plan early as I have to fit it in as much without compromising my busy schedule.

It’s gonna be back to those busy days at work as the year end approaches.  I’m stuck in a profession that has work building up towards year end and insufferable months after but being busy is part of my comfort zone so game on.  Bring in the hostilities!!!

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