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Get your MOVE on in 2015

Posted by on 21. January 2015

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Time is probably the most overused reason why people can’t workout yet there are a lot of people who get to mix a regular 9-5 job, family life and yet stay fit and healthy to do runs and multisports event on weekends.  The secret is making the most out of the few hours you can squeeze in a day.  Move Fitness Lifestyle Store have a lot of equipments to help you make the most out of your minute and keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Get on the MOVE

With a new year comes your health and fitness goals.  Most get to start the year on a fitter note but eventually time catches up and people eventually revert to their sedentary old selves after only a few weeks of trying out the latest exercise fad.  The problem may be that with only 24 hours in a day, a busy body’s ever growing list of priorities can push daily exercise further and further down the list of To Do’s.  Balancing our priorities and time for our fitness can be difficult but the key is not quit altogether.  Multi awarded Coach and Triathlete Andy Leuterio has some time crunching tips to be more efficient with your workouts.  Coach Andy having worked with time-strapped Age Group Triathletes and Runners knows how difficult it is for him and his athletes to work on their training programs given the multitude of things they have to manage.

Multi-awarded Coach and Triathlete Andy Leuterio shares some time-crunching workout tips.

 If you only have an hour for exercise, be as efficient as possible

Coaching many working, Age Group triathletes and runners, he recommends that aspiring athletes be as self-contained as possible to cut out travel time to the gym or training venue.  Owning fitness equipment has become more practical these days compared to gym membership which at times you can’t maximize because of your busy schedule.  Move Fitness Lifestyle offers a lot of equipments that can give you an instant workout at home.

If you have to be in the office early and leave late, do what you can at home before you leave for work. Run on a treadmill, bike on a stationary trainer, or do a lot of body and free weight exercises. An hour is enough to get a good workout in. Save the longer sessions for the weekends


What will you need to get started?

The simplest item is a yoga mat. Inexpensive and easy to stow when not in use, a yoga mat allows you to do stretches, core work, pushups, and other body weight exercises.

Next is a set of dumbbells. “Get a set you can lift 10 to 20 repetitions per set. Any heavier and you’ll struggle to hold form”, says Coach Andy. The Core Selectorized dumbbells (P19,995) can be configured for up to 90 pounds while saving on space compared to a set of multiple dumbbells.

Meanwhile, the Go Fit Contoured Kettlebell (P2,460) and the Go Fit Extreme Pro Gym Resistance Tubes (P3,995) can be used for a variety of challenging sessions, although you will need special instruction beforehand to use them safely. If you have a little more space to spare in your home, the Proteus Home Gym (P56,995) offers a range of exercises for the legs, back, arms, and chest.

If you don’t have the space for a treadmill or just aren’t inclined to run, jump rope is a great alternative for your cardio workout. Finally, a stability ball like the Go Fit Gym Ball (P1,795) is an ideal tool for core exercises if you have a sensitive back.


What are the specific exercises you could do indoors?

“Go for a little bit of everything”

A staple workout is the “Chuck Norris”, which is a circuit run that incorporates body weight and core exercises as the rest interval.  Intensity, duration, and number of repetitions and sets can be adjusted to the person’s level of fitness. If you’re a novice runner, you can start out with a 20 to 30 minute run. More experienced runners can aim for the full hour or 10/12km. Instead of running non-stop, it is broken down into 2-3km or 10-15” work intervals. During the “active rest interval”, you can perform exercises on the mat such as 10-30 pushups, abdominals, planks.

Fitter athletes can ratchet up the intensity throughout the intervals, add more repetitions, or add more exercises during the active rest interval. For non-runners, they can substitute the treadmill for 2 to 3 minute intervals with the jump rope, or they can cycle!

The Sole F80 Motorized Treadmill (P105,995) and the Sole B94 Magnetic Bike (P54,995) are compact and sturdy machines that offer a variety of intense cardio programs for a workout like the Chuck Norris.

Finally, the most important piece of kit you’ll need is a weighing scale. Weigh yourself before breakfast every day and track your daily morning weight. This keeps you honest and conscious about your exercise habits, says Coach Andy. If you don’t exercise, the scale will give you ever-higher readings. When you DO exercise and eat a healthy diet, the numbers on the scale will be a pleasure to see every morning. “There will be fluctuations in morning weight of around 1 to 2 pounds depending on water weight, so don’t stress out over that”, says Coach Andy. The important thing is to track the moving average over several weeks and months.

Keep moving, stay proactive, eat healthy and you’re bound to enjoy a fitter, faster 2015!

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