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Get the Mental Edge with JBL-powered yurbuds Wireless

Posted by on 6. April 2015

Running is a mental sport.  The longer you go, the more you need to have that mental strength and focus.  Music can give you the perfect rhythm to guide your strides and keep your mind occupied for hours.  #yurbudsph brings you the never-fall-of-your-ears listening experience, which is now powered by JBL. The #yurbudsleap takes it a notch further with a wireless and bluetooth enabled earphones to make your workout more rhythmic and more comfortable.

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yurbuds goes Wireless

I’ve been a yurbuds user since early 2013 and haven’t used a different brand ever since.  Why?  I’ve always been sold by the never-fall-of-your-ears listening experience of yurbuds.  That means a lot when you want to keep in rhythm without breaking your momentum on the long run.  It just fits snugly in the ears and can keep you going for hours when you also have a great playlist with your music player.   Another thing that I like about yurbuds is that it allows ambient sounds to enter the earphones, which means it keeps you aware of your surroundings at all time.  That means a lot when it comes to safety as you still get to hear road warnings like beeping sounds and horns or the race emcees echoing last minute race reminders.  It’s just the earphone made perfectly for the sports athletes.  The improvement doesn’t end there as yurbuds, which is now powered by JBL enjoys the sports technology of yurbuds and the more advance music technology of JBL after the acquisition of yurbuds by Harman Group.  That’s the same yurbuds experience amplified by the JBL sound system.

yurbuds leap wireless

The acquisition of yurbuds in the Harman Group was both a fresh start and an enhancement of the brand with improved features for the yurbuds earphones.  The yurbuds wireless takes it one step further as it eliminate more wires and has less drag and distractions while running.  I got the yurbuds leap wireless, which is the latest in-the-ear wireless model of yurbuds. It is now priced at P6,000, which was way lower when the first wireless yurbuds was introducted.  While I could go on for hour with my yurbuds Inspire, the yurbuds leap takes convenience further.  It eliminates excess wires from the player to the earphone.  That reduces some drag and discomfort allowing more movement of the body and most especially, in the neck area.  The wireless leap is also perfect for me as I avoid having too many gadgets pinned on me but I always bring my iPhone in my pocket for security purposes. I can easily sync it to my phone then plug the yurbuds leap in my ears and we’re good to go.

Running light, wearing yurbuds leap in my ears which is synced to my iphone in my pocket. – Photo by Reggie Cruz.

I was able to use the yurbuds leap in my runs and it was easy to connect.   Just turn on the bluetooth and let your phone discover the device and connect.    The first time I used it was during the Corregidor International Half Marathon, which was the most challenging runs I’ve joined.  The new ear bud takes some time to get used to but once you get the hang of it, it’s a more secure fit since it connects to the base of your ear canal.  It uses the twistlock technology and once you twist it in your ear, that’s a secure fit that would never fall off.  It was a scorching hot run since the gun start was 8 am compared to the usual early dawn runs and having good music can keep me from hitting the wall.  I had to pour water on my head several times to cool down and it’s great that it’s water proof and sweat proof.  It also prevents the water from entering your inner ear.  The hills were endless but thanks to the great listening experience, I was able to inch my way trough the toughest inclines of Corregidor.

The yurbuds can give you a mental edge on the toughest inclines.

So when you have the heat, the inclines and the stinging muscles to deal with, it helps that your mind is entertained to push of any ideas of quitting.  I like that it’s also handy and you can easily take it off compared to other devices with wires which can coil or take time to remove and setup again.  I was able to go on with the run and take it off when I wanted just to appreciate the scenery and put it back on when I want to zone out again.   That really gives you so much alternatives.  Of course, the music can also help you have rhythmic strides and breathing.  I remember I went on to speed up because I had , “Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon” playing or the time I felt tired and was rejuvenated when the music, Don’t Break Down by David Jennings” started playing or went anything is possible with “Ready for Anything Song.”  I guess different beats can tell different stories of your run and it really helps that it comes with JBL amplified sound system.  yurbuds can really give you a mental edge as it gives you quality music that keeps you occupied, entertained and inspired.

Battery Life is 6 hours and you can charged it through USB.

The battery life is 6 hours and you can recharge the earphones via your laptop USB port or other charging devices.  6 hours can last you a marathon. I had my yurbuds on starting from the ferry ride from Manila to Corregidor, the whole run and several more hours thereafter.  It has one control pod which doubles as a volume adjuster (short press) and song selector (long press).  That’s how compact it is as all the features are locked in the leap wireless already.  It also has an audio device and mic so you can make calls using the yurbuds leap, which makes syncing it to your phone even better as you can take calls even when you are running or working out.

Comes with a compact and easy to handle case.

yurbuds® powered by JBL®

New yurbuds® powered by JBL® are available in the following stores: Power Mac Center, Runnr, Planet Sports, R.O.X, Digital Walker, and Chris Sports. For more brand information, go to Facebook and Instagram- yurbudsph or visit

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