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DLSU Lady Spikers Mika Reyes and Aby Maraňo are the Latest yurbuds Ambassadors.

Posted by on 5. February 2014

“Sports takes discipline, consistency and passion, yurbuds adds two DLSU Lady Spikers who characterize this traits to its rosters of ambassadors.  yurbuds can be your weapon of choice to keep you focus on the game and the preparation it entails.”

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Top Lady Spikers Joins yurbuds

Collegiate volleyball has a large following from their alumni, their students to hardcore volleyball lovers.  Thousands fill the arena and cheer their hearts out and even a lot more are at home tuning in to their televisions watching each crucial set.  La Salle has developed a great volleyball program and currently they are the best team in the UAAP today.  Pressure is always there but DLSU’s top lade spikers in Mika Reyes and Aby Maraňo are a picture of calmness, determination and confidence during their games.

The game does not start at the first whistle but it starts with hard training.  They invest six days a week, an average of four hours a day in their sport yet they still try to excel in their studies.  Commitment and Discipline are two of the traits that anchor Aby and Mika’s continuous drive for excellence.  “Volleyball is our life”, the two say with conviction.”  They’ve done their work and they trust their team and training and the results has to follow.  Winning is a cycle of hard work and execution for them.

To #NeverStop playing the game.

With the addition of Mika Reyes and Aby Maraňo of the DLSU Lady Spikers to its pool of ambassadors, yurbuds affirms its support for a multitude of athletes from various disciplines. Created as the “earphones for athletes by athletes”, yurbuds are versatile and durable earphones that can be used and enjoyed in many sports. Mika and Aby use their Inspire for Women yurbuds during training sessions and to pump them up just before a game.

What’s in their playlist?

For those curious about the girls’ musical tastes, Aby’s favorite artists include Demi Lovato, Hillsong, Bingo Players, and JJR. Meanwhile, Mika enjoys an eclectic mix of Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Backstreet Boys, Eraserheads, Miley Cyrus, Avicii, and Project X!

The daily regimen can get very exhausting, so an accessory like yurbuds gives me added energy to power through the workouts”, says Mika. “I love how they look and how they just stay in place no matter what I do!”, enthuses Aby.

We’re very happy to be a part of Mika and Aby’s training regimen and are confident that yurbuds can keep up with all their energy”, says Gianina Revilla-Dayrit, VP for Marketing of Cascos Inc., the Philippine distributor of yurbuds. “Mika and Aby are excellent ambassadors of our #NeverStop motto as they are never content to settle for just ‘good enough’. Rather, their drive to constantly keep thinking of ways to become better and stronger athletes is commensurate with our philosophy of continuous excellence”, adds Gianina.

Yurbuds Inspire Pro for Women

The top-selling sport earphone in the US, and fast gaining popularity in the Philippine market, yurbuds are known for their comfortable and secure fit, outstanding sound quality, and variety of models and colors to choose from.

The company recently announced the availability of the yurbuds Inspire Pro for Women, featuring a 3-button dry mic for added phone functionality and music selection.

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