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yurbuds Goes Wireless

Posted by on 13. July 2014

” I’ve been a yurbuds user for more than two years and it has accompanied me for several hundreds of kilometers of running and several hours as a regular ear phoneyurbuds is just the best sports earphone with the never-fall-of-your-ear experience and also having the sound technology that allows ambient sound to come in ensuring that you are fully aware of your surroundings keeping you safe even when you are zoning out on a run.  The best even got better as yurbuds goes wireless.  Imagine all the comfort yurbuds without the dangling wire that can impede your movement. ” #NeverStop

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Music or No Music?  That always goes to mind whenever I run.  There are times I just go without music but most of the  time, I go with a good beat to power my run.  The reason being is that run or most sports are rhythmic activities and the more you are in rhythm, the better you perform.  The fast beats can guide your stride and the music keeps you entertained allowing you to #NeverStop and stay focused.  yurbuds has revolutionized the listening experience as the never-fall-of-your-ears experience keeps your momentum in place. The lightweight feel keeps the run comfortable.  The durability of yurbuds makes it a perfect partner for your adventures.  The recognition of the ambient sound keeps you safe.  Now, it gets even better as you don’t have to worry about the cords with a wireless yurbuds now out in the market.

Whenever I run, I just use an ipod shuffle and clip it somewhere near my ear to reduce drag and hanging wires.  With a wireless approach, I don’t have to worry about wires and could connect it directly from my phone that’s conveniently located either in my hydration belt or back pocket. The wireless yurbuds also gives you the capability to accept calls while on the run.  That’s really convenient, right?

With the yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless sport earphones, you’ll never have your earphone cords getting in the way of your workout again. Inspire Limited Edition Wireless are the first-ever stereo Bluetooth® wireless earphones guaranteed never hurt and never fall out, enabling you to workout snag- and pain-free every time.

Prepare to be aurally impressed with these ‘buds – equipped with 15mm drivers, yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless earphones more than double the driver size of many other stereo wireless earphones, providing bigger and better sound. Great news for those who love to get their heart pumping with thumping beats! They also allow for ambient sound, permitting you to remain aware of your surroundings on your walk or run.

Inspire Limited Edition Wireless lock perfectly into place and are comfortable for hours, thanks to yurbuds’ ergonomic TwistLock™ Technology and FlexSoft™ Comfort Fit. Inspire Limited Edition Wireless are also sweat and water resistant and the two buds are connected by a durable Kevlar cord, which can be worn either under the chin or behind the head.

Seamlessly integrating volume and full track and call control, the noise cancelling dual-microphone system lets you easily answer phone calls while you’re on the go. If you’ve ever tried to have a phone conversation in a windy space you’ll love the functionality of the wind-blocking microphone on these yurbuds!

The Inspire Limited Edition Wireless’ battery powers an impressive week’s worth of workouts and provides visual and audible indicators when running low. A micro USB charging port makes recharging the earbuds simple.

The yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless come with a lifetime warranty and retails for P7500. It will soon be available in the following stores:  Power Mac Center, Runnr, Planet Sports, and R.O.X.

This is serious sound with no strings attached – go ahead and break free!

About yurbuds

yurbuds was founded in 2008 by Seth Burgett, President and CEO, an active triathlete and Richard Daniels, COO, a 24-time marathoner. Burgett and Daniels left their corporate roles and joined forces to improve personal performance. They have been joined by Craig Ceranna, CFO and Managing Director, to realize the company’s mission: transform the athlete’s experience through personalized service and exceptional audio products that integrate ergonomics and emotive design.

Cascos Inc. distributes yurbuds in the Philippines.

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Website: www.yurbuds.com
Facebook page: Cascos Inc. and yurbudsph
Twitter / Instagram: yurbudsph and share your workouts with the hashtag #neverstop

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