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Francramon.com has a new look

Posted by on 31. July 2013

I’m introducing a new header and logo for FrancRamon.com site to highlight the different segments on this site.  Everything all started as my personal site (My Thoughts).  Then came the time I started chronicling my adventures (My Travels). I also got bitten by the runners bug and started documenting the story of my races (My Runs).  Also, the Zombie Journals is slowly recreating the different pieces that make up the stories of the different Outbreak Manila Zombies.  The site has grown much more than I expected but I’m loving how this site has developed.  From a personal blog to an all-around personal, literary, lifestyle, fitness and travel blog.  I guess, this site will continue to evolve and continue to generate positive contents that readers can enjoy and appreciate.

Credits: Animation by Meia Ramos Alvarez

The different segments the make up my blog are as follows:

My Thoughts

My thoughts is my catch all blog and can feature anything under the sun from primers to incoming races and events to product features to hard opinions on certain ideas or a positive thought I want to share.

My travels features my trips, places, attractions and enjoying the finer side of life.

My runs brings you to each of the races I’ve joined and tells the unique story that each race has to tell.

The Zombie Journals goes into storybook mode and tells the story of the different Outbreak Manila Zombies and how the relate to the Outbreak Manila Universe.

And here’s a little something for you.


Francramon.com, in partner with Suunto Philippines would be giving away the following items to Fifteen (15) followers:

  1. Francramon.com shirt (a choice of red or blue) printed by Touch the Sky Graphics

    Francramon.com shirt (choice of red or blue)

  2. Suunto bag and socks

    Suunto Bag and Socks

Just answer the following:

” Tell us which is your favorite segment at Francramon.com and why? 15 best answers win.”

Please also like and subscribe below to:

1)  Francramon.com as via the facebook tab in the side bar or clicking the link below.

2) Suunto Philippines Facebook Page by clicking the link below

3) Subscribe to Francramon.com at by entering your email address at the sidebar and clicking subscribe. Note: You’ll have to check your email inbox to confirm your subscription.

Additional Contest Mechanics:

1) Contest is open in Philippines or to those with a Philippine address where the prize can be shipped.

2) Contest is open until August 30, 2013, 11:59 PM Update: Extended until September 15, 2013, 11:59 pm with 5 winners each announced on September 2,  9, 16, 2013.

3) Winners will be announced exclusively on this site and at Francramon.com Facebook Page on September 2, 9 and 16, 2013.  Please check the site for winners at that time.  Unclaimed prizes after two weeks will be awarded to the other participants.

4) Please include the hashtag #FrancRamon in your comment so I’ll know your comment is part of the contest.

The prizes await.

First 5 Winners: September 2, 2013 (Suunto Bag, Socks and Cap and Francramon.con shirt)

1)  Ian Yu Dagulrunner · I have always liked the “My Run” & “My Travels” segment of FrancRamon.com because aside from getting the runner’s full experience and overview of the most popular run races; I also like the adventures & stories of a blogger/writer/traveler specially to places I’ve never been thus may serve as a virtual travel guide.

As an avid fan, it’s a must to check out Franc Ramon’s blog and you never know, you might get a surprise. #FrancRamon

2) Jhay Ramones  – MY favorite segment at Francramon.com is the My Run, My Thoughts & My Travels because I’m also a Runner & Traveller. My Run Segment gives me information about The running events attended by Mr. Franc Ramon, MY Thoughts Segments gives me information the upcoming running events and Tips all about Running, and My Travels it gives me information about other adventure places, their culture and attractions. #FrancRamon

3) Mai Flores  – What’s my favorite segment in your blog? Clearly, it’s the travel part. You’re the epitome of a well-traveled person. I love all the things that you’ve experienced during your trips around the world. Believe it or not, you’ve actually helped transport me to destinations that I haven’t been to before, like your first trip to Paris with the Eiffel Tower as your background. Paris is actually a dream destination. Hopefully, in due time, I’ll get to have my picture taken there as well. But other than that, I also admire the way you spend on these trips, particularly when it comes to the miles that you get from your cc’s. That’s travel hacking at its finest! #FrancRamon

4) joy | chemist2writer  – Congratulations on the new header and logo – they’re cool I love your blog, Franc – all of it. You always encourage people to run and have fun even if you don’t say it directly. If I wasn’t too lazy, I would have taken up running once again because of the many inspirational points I get from your blog.

But if I were to choose a segment that I love best, I would say it is the Zombie Journals. It never fails to amaze me how realistic the zombies look in those stories. The kid zombie was especially scary but all the rest of the zombies were crazily scary that I wouldn’t want to encounter them on the run even if I knew they were not real zombies  #FrancRamon

5) Cha Sy  – One word- Awesome! I was blown away by your site new header and look! I would want that animation too on my blog! I find your “My Run” segment very interesting. As most of you know, I have physical limitations and I am not allowed to run and travel as much as I wanted to. That is why I am so happy whenever I read your run adventures. You make me experience those moment, those run, that exhilarated feeling! I can almost feel on my skin the colors when you run for the Color Manila Run #FrancRamon

September 9 Winners (Suunto Bag and Francramon.com Shirt)

6)Aquiz Minlay  – As a runner, and with the ever rising cost of registration fees, the My Runs segment of Francramon.com comes in handy, as it discusses upcoming races in details and thereby helps me in choosing the best races and those that are of best value for my hard earned money. On the other hand, its detailed review of recent races, gives me a guide of good runs to look forward the next time around. #FrancRamon

7) Pal Raine  -My favorite segment at Francramon.com is the Zombie Journal. I’ve read all about the running experiences you have but for me the best among the rest of your post that really amaze me is all about the Zombie thing. I have encounter different kinds of a fun run and the happy and eery hours of running with the Zombie are great, though considerably less fun when you’re caught by them. … but wondering what twists and turns these segment will encounter. No place could have been more perfect than this creativity sparkling idea with your Francramon.com site.

8) Jobert Dela Victoria – My favorite segment is always the “My Run” segment which gives me the right information on upcoming events and gives me the right idea on what to join or not! #FrancRamon

9) Paul Ablaza  -My favorite segment of Francramon.com is “My Runs” because I can relate to your journey in running. From short distances like 3K to long ones up to 21K, i have no marathon yet on my belt because duathlon have distracted me (Lol!) but who knows, I might be back on track again since like you, I know I’m still on the starting line. just waiting for the ‘gun start’. #FrancRamon

10) U Running Running  – My favorite segment is “MY RUNS” wherein I read your comments on several fun runs and share your experience about it. I LOVE READING YOUR REVIEWS and LOOKING AT THE PICTURES, kc for sure one of the pictures ANDUN DIN AKO katabi mu LOL!

My favorite was the EAT AND RUN wherein KUYA JOBERT and I got the free racekit from you Sir Franc and the experience was great because you have to EAT ALOT after running hahahaha. This is the first time we met and then the rest is history.

The other run is ADIDAS wherein you did not just run but you also take time to judge who will be the winner of the CHEERING. Last one is TAKBO RUNFEST where we had great conversation about the race…

Congrats Franc Ramon , love the new look of website. KEEP ON RUNNING and KEEP ON BLOGGING #FrancRamon.

September 16, 2013 Winners (Suunto Bag and Francramon.com Shirt)

11) Mark Murillo – My Favorite segment is ” Zombie Journals ” kasi dito mo makikita ang ginawa ng organizers / zombies / bloggers at iba pa na matinding preparations in this event. Kahit hindi ako nka sali last Zombie Outbreak. This time sasali na ako i think i will be challenge to run as fast as i can. At habulin ng mga zombies at ingatan ang aking 3 lives hanggang marating ang finish line. To get my reward. START STRONG & FINISH STRONG. Also the “My Run” hahanapin ko lang sa facebook ang page na francramon.com then i will be updated sa mga running events na pwede ko salihan. #FrancRamon

12) Jaff Gabriel – Before I answer your question, I wanna say that you really have a great and awesome blog-site. Honestly, I am hooked! 🙂 Okay, going back to the question that you’re asking, I guess the segment that catches my attention are the My Run, My Thoughts & My Travels posts you are catering. “My Run” Although I am just a frustrated runner who just run to have fun, I was enthused by the cool insertions of your awesome running experience which made me think and put me into a great thinking that Running can and should be my passion. You just made me realize how running can be your best buddy with no time wasted like, seriously. And I should thank you for that. I also got hooked with the My thoughts tab wherein you babble different thoughts that you know, ideas that just played inside your brain and squeezed them out to write such masterpiece in your blog. No I ain’t a blogger myself but I am an avid reader of different blogs may it be fashion, culture, events and oh the posted reviews with the give-aways too. And with no goofy thoughts, yours are one of the awesomest! And lastly, your ‘My Travels’ blog posts are one of the stupendous creations you have ever made. Wow! Whenever I read your journey stuff, It makes me drool so hard that I came to an idea that I should oblige myself to see that spot too no matter what. Hahaha. Envious, yes! 😐 LOL Fun adventure indeed. Thank you for giving us awesome online stories that don’t just remain as a simple writing but also a cool and gratifying compositions wherein you really get people blown away! Have I mentioned that you touches lives of the others too? 🙂 More power and God bless #FrancRamon

13) Angel Valle Caronongan – My favorite segments of Francramon.com are the My Run, My Travels & The Zombie Journals. My Run, because it gives me detailed information about upcoming runs. My Travel, because I am also a wanderlust and I really love your Batanes trip. I admired you being sporty on a travel trips, you have explored Batanes by running and biking and that’s really a WOW! And of course, The Zombie Journal! I will always be a forever fun of Outbreak Manila, it was an achievement being a survival of Outbreak Manila Run. One of my bucket list right now is to be part of Zombie Journal – Corpse Bride? Why not? teehe… Congrats to Francramon.com’s new look! Love it! #FrancRamon

14) Kaizer Pabriaga  – Wow! Quite a great blog site you got in here sir! 🙂 I guess, i’ll settle for the “My Run” segment you have. Well I honestly love running. And I love collecting racekits. Haha.I reallly love reading blog posts of random people who talks about their running stuff And it’s been an addiction for me now reading your stories behind your each run which really tell superb experience which you gained from it. Amusing as I find it, very very amusing. It makes me wanna run as often as I could. Haha. I hope to meet you sir in the future runs and thank you for sending over some smiles to my face because of your cool thoughts you are sharing for everyone. 🙂 #FrancRamon

(P.S.: Nice blog site sir and I must say that the header is very amazing!)

15) Jenny Venzon – MY Favorite segment at Francramon.com is the MY Travels and My Thoughts because I’m also a Traveler theirs some beautiful places that I didn’t reach but because of your blog in your MY Travels I feel I came from their and experience their Culture and food. Your My Thoughts is Fantastics because you write your Thoughts that crosses in your mind and the experiences day by day it is a Nice Stories because we Learn to our Experiences. #FrancRamon

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