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Do Not Be Afraid of The Dark With Fitletic Headlamps

Posted by on 29. May 2015

One of the Newest Products of #Fitletic is their headlamps and I was lucky enough to try The Fitletic Vivid Runners Headlamps.  It’s quite a journey with this headlamp as I was able to use it to run Mt. Pulag at the Cordillera Mountain Run while trying to catch the Sun to Rise.  I was able to complete the Energizer Night Trail in Singapore and I was able to surpass the night and early morning portion of the trek going to and from Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia.  I’m no longer afraid of the dark as Fitletic can really light up your way even on the darker parts of the road or trails.

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Fitletic Headlamp

When you say running trails that means going through uneven terrain and different type of surfaces.  That slows you down a bit as you get to focus on your balance and adopting to the different trail surfaces as you go along.  Then add darkness to the equation, it becomes an even tougher course to conquer.  That’s one of the reason why I was never comfortable running at trails in the dark.  I usually slow down, watch my steps and await the sun to come.  When I was able to get Fitletic, it gave me more confidence in navigating the trail as it has 3 different light modes depending on which one you would be comfortable with and one emergency blinker mode.  It lightens up your path with a maximum power of 120 lumens and can go with a 4 meter to a 115 meter coverage.  It is also adjustable so you can adjust the focus depending on your need.  Another advantage is that you can easily tuck it in your race belt once the it starts to brighten up since it’s compatible to the strap of the Fitletic Race Belt.  It’s been quite a journey with this one as I was able to trek the highest mountain in Luzon in Mount Pulag, one of the highest mountains in Asia in Mount Kinabalu and finish my first international night trail run in Singapore.

Fitletic Helped Me Chase Sunrise at Mt. Pulag

The first time I was able to use my Fitletic Headlamp was at Cordillera Mountain Run last March.  Our homestay and the dining area were two kilometers apart so it really helps to have a reliable headlamp to navigate to and from one location at night.  The real test was the actual run as we had a 5:00 am gunstart, which would be in time to catch sunrise at the Summit of Mount Pulag.  There are three light modes and one blinking emergency mode. The first one was a distributed light with a wider range while the next two were more brighter and focused lights. I usually use the 2nd and 3rd mode.  Since it’s adjustable, I use it slightly tilted so it can light my next few steps while navigating the trail.  The trail had a mix or dirt tracks and large rocks, which makes it a lot more difficult to navigate so I make sure I light up the next few steps so I won’t trip on the varying surface and terrain.  Since this is a mountain, it’s real dark without natural light.  I started to be more comfortable in the dark and was able to make my way to the summit before Sunrise.

Fitletic lighted my way to the dark trails of Singapore

Since I was in Singapore for work late April, I decided to extend a few days to be able to join the Energizer Night Trail in Singapore.  We were given Energizer headlamps as par of the kit but since I was comparing the range and the brightness of the two devices, I went on to use the Fitletic Headlamp instead since it will give me more options on the light modes.  Energizer Night Trail was a much different experience to the night runs here as you get less light on trails.  Trail conditions were much more tolerable in Singapore compared to more technical trails here.  Most of the trails were unpaved and uneven roads with no drastic change in surface except for a slippery hill midway into the race.  Since the race started at 8 pm,  the trail was dark one with only the headlamps guiding us. It was good that I had a really powerful headlamp so I was able to make my way to the trail with ease and without worry of the tripping or missing a step.  I was able to survive the hilly and dark trails en route to a strong finish in the race.

Fitletic was also my go-to Headlamp for Trekking Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is 4,095.2 Meters Above Sea Level (MASL) and one of the tallest peaks in Asia.  Traversing it is a real challenge as you have to go through more than 2,200 meters worth of elevation in a span of two days in order to reach the summit.  The first day had as trekking the Mesilau Trail starting at 9 PM.  The Mesilau Trail is about 8.5 kilometers to Laban Rata.  It was a tough one as you have to go through dirt tracks, wooden planks, rocky and stoney paths, granite structures, a mossy forest and not to mention that each step would be giant ones.  You’ll also be awed by the views from waterfalls, the forest and the view of the mountain from the traverse and we were also able to catch a glimpse of the rainbow.  It was about 6 pm and we were just about 6.5 kilometers into the course and that meant we had to endure the remaining 2 kilometers in the dark of the night.  It was then time to switch on my fitletic headlamp and even if each step was a challenge, it was nice that we had the lamp to guide our steps.  It was really pitch black in the middle of the mountain and our only light were from our headlamps.  We were able to endure the dark powered by Fitletic and that’s just the first half of the trail.  The next day, we had to start at around 3 am from Laban Rata going into the Lows Peak which is 4,095.2 MASL.  As usual, we had to really on the headlamp to navigate the course that included some part where we had to rappel on the granite structure of Mt. Kinabalu.  By now, we’ve now developed more ease being guided by the headlamp.  In no time, the sun was starting to rise and we were already in the summit enjoying the out-of-this-world view of Mt. Kinabalu.  We had one last round of dark trails as we made our way back to Timpohan Gate in the afternoon until about 8 to 9 pm and by now, we were no longer afraid of the dark trails as our route were properly lighted with our headlamps.

It’s one thing being comfortable in the trails but it’s another thing going through a trail at night or early morning.  It’s common being on the trails at the dark as not all trails are day trails so it’s really good to have the proper hand lamp and I’m glad I found my go-to headlamp with Fitletic. Fitletic Headlamps is available at Runnr Stores.

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