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Come Join Team Total Fitness

Posted by on 5. December 2012

Don’t just follow us, why not join us?

Team Total Fitness Season 1

What was once a dream. It has now become a realityMascy Cabuhat, Manager of Team Total Fitness

Season 1 Debut: The New Kids on the Running and Multisport Block is Here

Team Total Fitness was born in the race course and the training ground.   It was a group united by a common passion for running and multisport and what better banner to run under than Total Fitness Magazine who advocates fitness in Mind, Body and Soul.  The Team then had its Coach in the form of World Ironman 70.3 finisher and multi-awarded triathlete Andy Leuterio of Alpha Training System and its fresh set of sponsors.  Team Total Fitness had their maiden race at Adidas King of the Road and Anvaya Invitational Triathlon in 2011. The team had their monthly feature in Total Fitness Magazine starting in November 2011.  The team became weekend warriors with their constant races and training routines.  The Team carried the Total Fitness and their sponsors brand and became better athletes along the way.

Season 1 Sponsors

Season 2

Season 2 Debut: New Beginnings

Six months have lapsed since the first season and this time with a different mix in the team. The Team had their maiden races in Subic International Triathlon.  It’s now a fresh set of challenge for the team as the team’s pure runners branched out to multisports and the triathletes prepared and conquered their dream Ironman 70.3 race and 1 member of the team even went on to finish Timex 226 races.   It was a season to be better and bolder.  A new season also came with fresh sets of sponsors and Team Coach Andy Leuterio also upgraded the workout to add in Duathlon Clinics and Swim, Bike and Run camps aside from their regular core, speed and hill workouts.  The Team also had additional core and flexibility workout provided by TRX Philippines.  It was another full season of carrying the Team Total Fitness banner and adding brand visibility to our sponsors.

Season 2 Sponsors

Season 3

Season 3 could be your story to tell. 

  • You don’t have to be the fastest or strongest of them all, all we need is that you share our passion and commitment for running and multisports.  Just submit your letter of intent and athlete’s profile (name, nickname, profession, races joined, goals as an athlete to Team Total Fitness Team Manager, Mascy Cabuhat (

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Here’s another thing to look forward to from Team Total Fitness coming soon….

You’ve seen us in the races.

You’ve seen us in the magazine.

You’ve seen us in our page.

Would you want to see us train?

Wait… Wait… We’re upping the offer.

Would you want to train with us?

Get a chance to be part of the select few to train with the team under World Ironman 70.3 Finisher and multi-awarded triathlete Andy Leuterio.  Just drop us a note on why you’d want to train with us at Team Total Fitness Facebook Page (here) or send us a tweet @tmtotalfitness.  We’ll send an invite to those who have the best answers when we resume training this January 2013.  We might even throw in a few more surprise treats along the way.

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