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Alpha Training Day at Caylabne

Posted by on 22. May 2012


Caylabne Bay Resort is a cove found at the tip of Ternate, Cavite. It is an excellent place for training camps since it has an open water swim area and a hilly route for bike and run.  It’s about a 100 kilometers from Manila or about 90 minutes by car.  This was the first obstacle we had to weave through.  Long ride on steep roads by car.  Though it gets much better while you approach Caylabne as the route becomes more scenic and at the entry point of Caylabne you get to admire the ocean view and the cove.  Here we go, training camp conducted by Andy Leuterio with Team Total Fitness, 24/7 Triathlon and some members of Fitness First.


The swim route was 3 loops of 650 meters each in Caylabne Bay’s open water for around 2 kilometer worth of swim.  I didn’t join this part as I’m here for the run and bike part but the view from this side of Caylabne was great. You can see the opening of the cove in between two cliffs.  As the swimmers are now approaching the shore for their last lap, that was my queue to get ready for the bike course.


This part was all about climbing and even if I only did around 10 kilometer climb and around 10 kilometer descent that already translated to 200-300 meters of elevation.  I also made the mistake of starting with the big gear on the climb which took away a lot of precious energy so when I reached the 3K mark or the entry point of Caylabne after continuous climbing on rough roads, I was already running low on energy.  The scorching heat came next to make the climb a lot more difficult.  At this point, it was not only the inclines that dictated my pace but it was also the heat.  The descent back was smooth and fast though the rough roads was challenging.  The more experienced cyclist did 40+ kilometers.


It was almost noon, by the time we reached the run part, which also meant it was the peak of the heat.  The loop was hilly and a bit scenic with Caylabne’s forested area as the backdrop.  The heat was overwhelming and I was not able to go at a fast pace so went a steady pace and tried to drink as much hydration along the way.  The 5K loop felt like forever at this heat but I’m glad to finish and though it was not my fastest, it was still a decent time.

Alpha Training Day

Alpha Training Day was over and for me, it was more misses than hits for me as it exposed a lot of weak points I have to work on.  I guess that’s what training camps are for to build your base and see what aspects you need to improve on. Even if it was a struggle, it’s gonna help me be better.  We’ll have other camps here and I can’t wait to get back at those inclines and I’ll try to be even more conditioned and prepared once the next Alpha Training Day at Caylabne comes.

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