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Getting the adidas Ultra Boost Advantage

Posted by on 27. March 2015

Finding the perfect shoes takes time.  You have to play around with the amount of cushioning for support and the weight of the shoes for easier and smoother run cadence.  adidas Ultra boost gives you both a cushioned sole and support and at the same time stays lightweight at about 9.5 ounces. It gives you a soft cushy feel when running or walking which goes a long way when you factor in the number of foot strikes you do in a run.  The seamless prime knit shoe material gives a snug fit feel yet remains flexible in terms of foot natural expansion and shift in strides. The energy boost material of the ultra boost rewards powerful strides with a more powerful return and the cushioned feel limits impact on the feet, which can get you going on the longer runs.

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Adidas Ultra Boost

From Energy Boost (First two photos) to Ultra Boost (Last Photo)

I’ve been using the Energy Boost in my runs and I like how the cushioned feel from its boost foam technology.  It keeps the feet relaxed as it absorbs the impact of the foot strikes and returns it as energy for the next foot strike.  It’s comfy when you run at a regular pace and it’s even more powerful when you speed up.  adidas Ultra boost adds more comfort, more power and more control to your runs.  In terms of that soft cushy feel when you stride, they added 20% more boost cushioning material.  That’s immediate comfort for every stride and considering you get to have tens of thousands strides in a single run, that saves you a lot of impact and energy.  The big change is the use of the prime knit upper which allows the ultra boost to have a snug fit feel on the feet and still have all the leeway for foot expansion and movement.  That gives you a better feel of the road, which develops into a faster returns and less irritations on the feet.  It basically reduces the discomfort of running and makes it a more pleasant experience.

Using adidas Ultra Boost at Corregidor International Half Marathon – Photo by Noriel De Guzman

It usually takes my feet some time to adopt to new shoes but with the adidas Ultra Boost, it was love at first strike.  I didn’t need time to adjust since it practically eliminates the impact of all the bad habits you do when using a new shoes.  The boost material, which has an additional 20% more cushioning makes each foot landing much smoother easing the impact on the knees, the calves and rest of the body.  Aside from the reduce impact, the boost material transforms each foot strike into energy making the next foot strike a lot more powerful than regular strides.  If you’re fast, the ultra boost makes you even faster.  I had several runs at my usual training route which was Salcedo Village using adidas Ultra Boost and it felt really comfortable and pain-free even as I navigated some uneven terrains along the streets of Tordesillas Street and Valero.  The biggest test was having to run the Corregidor International Half Marathon using the adidas Ultra Boost.

Testing the adidas Ultra Boost at Corregidor International Half Marathon – Photo by Philip BF

Corregidor can really give you all the terrains and surfaces you can try for a shoes.  It has steep climbs. It has suicide drops.  It has a rocky beach front.  It has some trails and grasslands.  On flat grounds, it can really be a fast shoes as it can really give you a rhythmic return with lower impact of each stride.  It helps a lot in the climb as the additional energy return adds power to conquer the climbs.  I did a run walk sets for some of the climbs and to my surprise, I’ve reached the top sooner than I expected.  Going downhill can really be fast but it’s also the one that has the biggest impact on the knees. Snce ultra boost has the most comfortable cushioning you can get, you can go faster on the descent without worrying too much on the knees as a lot of impact is already absorb by the shoes.  It also was good on different surfaces as it had good traction plus the snug fit feel of the shoes allows a better feel of the road to make the transitions in the different surfaces including uneven trails much better.  The prime knit material gives a glove like feel yet still keep your Achilles and ankle supported preventing sprains and injuries. I always consider Corregidor as the most challenging course ever and there even was a time that I had cramps on both calves here a few years ago but with the adidas ultra boost, it was a really comfortable and fast ride.

Despite a challenging terrain, the energy return component of the ultra boost saves a lot of fatigue and muscle pain. – Photo by Philip BF

Being the toughest half marathon ever, I need all the help I can get.  The reduced impact can really help reduce the wear and tear and fatigued in a run.  With a prime knit finish, it leaves room for the flow of air in and out of the shoes to prevent the feet from overheating.  That means a lot since we had an 8 am gun start and was running under the scorching heat of the sun for hours.

Using the Ultra Boost on a Fast and Furious %K Run at Ultra and Pasig. – Photo by Jack Morales.

I was able to use it on a quick 5K Run for the Ultra 10 Mile Challenge which had the streets of Pasig and the Ultra Track Oval as event site.  It felt like an added boost on the climbs coming from the energy boost coming from the shoes.  The descents felt like flying as it keeps the leg cushion as you speed and let gravity be on your side.  It was perfect on the soft track oval surface as it keeps me fast and bouncy heading to the finish line, which allowed me to finish within 30 minutes.  I was also able to join a 4 x 100 meters relay and it was perfect for that fast and all-out sprint at the track with a faster cadence and more efficient strides. We ended up placing third in the 4 x 100 meters relay.   The adidas ultra boost is a really efficient shoes and it’s the shoes that rewards effort.  The adidas ultra boost plus proper training and preparation can really take you a long way.   It would be exciting too as new colors and models with the ultra boost material comes out.

The shoes is designed with the best materials to give you the best run you can have.

Your greatest run ever awaits with Ultra BOOST at www.adidas.com/ultraboost. adidas Ultra BOOST will be available in leading adidas stores in the Philippines and sports retail outlets at P 8295.  Join the adidas Energy running movement by following @adidasph on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. kareen liez datoy (@blessedliez)

    This is a good shoes for running. It really is important to get the right pair as it will affect your running.

  2. Karen

    When it comes to shoes, Adidas is already a legendary brand. Nice to know you didn’t experience cramps while using Adidas shoes

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