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Get the adidas ClimaChill in the Summer Heat

Posted by on 23. April 2014

“The Heat is ON and it’s scorching HOT!!!  The weather has been really hot this summer and the sweat glands has been on overdrive working out and being outdoors.  The good part about it is that adidas has the new Climachill™ Technology that gives you the chill effect on the warm weather.”

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adidas Climachill

It’s been hot lately and I can feel the heat already during my trainings runs and rides.  The heat of the sun can really take the endurance away.  For someone who trains regularly, the sun can not be excuse to ditch a workout.  It’s a breakthrough that adidas has launched a revolution in active cooling technology, the adidas Climachill™ range.  The range incorporates an innovative fabric using titanium and 3D aluminium cooling spheres. The technology provides an instant ‘chill’ effect to help athlete’s performance in warm conditions lowering their body temperature so they can train harder, run longer, retain their focus and compete better.

Climachill™ uses Titanium thread

I love adidas apparel and they just seem to be the perfect fit for me.  They just continue to upgrade the technology that comes with the times. They understand the needs of their users and direct their technology towards it.  Temperature management can really make athletes much better.  The Climachill™ uses evaporation and conduction methods together.   Revolutionary aluminium cooling spheres are strategically located to correspond with the warmest area of the body, cooling skin down upon contact. In addition to the aluminium dots, the ground-breaking SubZero flat yarn contains titanium and is woven throughout the inside of each Climachill™ jersey, delivering up to 36 % more cooling capacity compared to previous Climacool garments.  It gives the cool effect even as the warmth within the body and the scorching heat of the sun.

Climachill™ uses 3d aluminum cooling spheres that cools your body down upon contact.

The range was rigorously tested in the state of the art adidas ‘Clima’ chamber, with temperatures as high as 50°C. By using a 35-degree ‘hot plate’ to simulate critical functions of the human skin, adidas were able to determine a pre-selection of functional fabrics to find the ultimate Climachill™ fabric.

Climachill™ uses a sub zero yarn

The Climachill™ technology goes on sale worldwide from 1 April within various categories including; Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s Training, as well as Tennis and Outdoor wear. The key pieces in the Climachill™ product range are the Men’s Training t-shirt and the Women’s Tennis top.

David Beckham, Climachill™ ambassador commented on the new range: ‘Playing and training in extreme conditions can be very challenging both mentally and physically. In my time as a player I have played in cold conditions in the North of England and in very hot climate in the US – weather can really make a difference to an athlete’s performance. The technology used in the Climachill™ range will really help athletes concentrate on their game so they can perform at their best, even in the harshest of conditions.’

Heike Leibl, adidas SVP for Training added: ‘At adidas we are constantly striving to create innovations to make the athlete comfortable so they can focus on performance. The Aluminium Cooling Spheres used in the Climachill™ range provide an instant ‘chill’ effect to keep the athlete at their peak optimum temperature to perform at their best in any conditions.”

The Climachill™ range provide an instant ‘chill’ effect.

Embrace the heat this summer as adidas Climachill™ gives you the technology that’s keep you cool while working out.  It also comes in flashy colors for both male and female.  This is what I like with adidas since they always have the technology you need and the stylish design that would make you stand out.  Well, it’s back to the roads for me and with the technology like the adidas Climachill™, bring on the heat!

I’ve been struggling with the heat and humidity lately but when I tried adidas Climachill, I was able to run at a good pace doing a 10 kilometer Chuck Norris V2.0, which is a core workout and run combined. It felt much cooler so you just have to worry about the run and not about the weather.

The new adidas Climachill™ range will be available in the Philippines starting April 15 in leading adidas and sports stores nationwide.  For more information, go to or

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