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Weapon of Choice: Suunto Ambit 2S

Posted by on 24. September 2013

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You start to run for fun and the next thing you know you’ve caught the running bug and then you evolve to the longer runs or evolve into a multisports athlete.   One of the key things you’ll need is how to measure your performance.  You can time the usual loops you take if you’re doing the loop faster or you can check your race times but you’ll need a more reliable way to measure your performance and the other race dynamics for you to improve.  This is where GPS watches come into play as there are a lot of things to measure and manage when it comes to running and multisports.   Suunto Ambit 2S is the latest GPS watch of Suunto and has all the matrices you can check to determine the quality of your run.

  • How do you manage your heart rate during a run/ride?
  • How fast where you at the different stages of the run/ride?
  • How do you react to the different elevations during a run/ride?
  • How do you use up your energy during a run/ride?

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And there are a lot more questions, you’d have as you dissect a run.  I personally appreciate the runs better after seeing the different statistics after a run because it’s a way to gauge how I can perform better in my next run.  Also, training runs also vary so it’s also a way to check how you’ve executed a training plan.

  • For Tempo Runs – Were you able to run at a constant pace throughout the run?
  • For Fartlek Run – Were you able to maintain the burst and transitions between race pace and aerobic pace?
  • For Hill Runs – Were you able to run at a sustained pace on uphills and cruised on the descents?
  • For Speed Sets – Were you able to run at your peak level at each set?
  • For Negative Splits – Were you able to improve your pace as the race went further?

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This can all be answered by the different matrices you get with Movescount of Suunto Ambit 2S.  Each run is a different story and has a different training goal so executing it right helps you be better.  Tempo Run allows you to improve you’re aerobic pace. Fartlek Runs allows you to play with your speed and pacing during a run.  Hill Run lengthens your stride length and adds power to your legs.  Speed sets helps you generate speed and also trains you to recover faster in a race.  Negative Splits trains you on how you consume energy to finish stronger in a race.

Left – KOTR 16.8K – Photo by Photo-ops
Middle – World Vision 21K – Photo by Jose Ramirez
Right – 15K Training Run in Clark

The same goes for rides and swims.  How you manage your speed across the distance?  How do you manage the different terrains in a bike ride? How do you pace yourself?  How you adopt to weather?  How fast is your cadence or how much power you generate?  How you transition from one sport to the other?  This and a lot more can be measured by Suunto and each can be reviewed for rooms for improvement.   It’s always easier seeing your progress through a more accurate measures and it is also easier to execute a strategy with a GPS powered watch.  This is what Suunto Ambit 2s brings into the equation.

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Here’s more reasons I like Suunto Ambit 2S:

1) GPS Detection – GPS detection takes a few seconds to a minute depending on the frequency of the location but definitely faster than other GPS Watch.

2) Customize the views and setting – You can customize your views and settings from auto laps, heart rate limits, interval timer and others.

Choose for view setting depending on which information you prefer to see.

3) Fuse Speed – When GPS signal is low, Suunto Ambit 2S continues to measure your distance using the arm swings you generate.

4) Battery Life – Battery life can last longer and you can set the GPS Accuracy.  You can run a full marathon even with the best accuracy of 8 hours and can last ultra distance with the max battery life of 25 hours.

Choose your ideal battery life

5) Everyday watch – Suunto Ambit 2S can actually be an everyday watch with it’s casual design compared to bulkier

From the Race Course to the Board Room

6) Movescount is your all in one training database – You can log the progress of your trainings via Movescount.

Monitor your progress via Movescount

Having a Suunto Ambit 2S is a key investment in running and multisports but if you’re in the sports or lifestyle for the long haul.  It’s worth it as you’ll be able to measure your progress and appreciate your trainings much better.  You’ll know your highs and lows and the initial limits that you’d surpass in time.  Suunto Ambit 2S plus hard work is a combination to making you a performing athlete.  The races doesn’t stop at the finish line as each finish line is the start of a new one with Suunto Ambit 2s helping you progress from one finish line to the next tougher finish line ahead.

What’s your ambition as an athlete?  That gives you a training goal you’d be aspiring for as an athlete.  Is it a sub 1 hour 10K or finishing strong in your first half or full marathon?  Is it conquering two or three disciplines in Duathlons or Triathlons?  It varies but it’s needed and Suunto is right there with you as you set your goals and obliterate them in time.  Suunto gives you a free pass to a 2 day training camp through the

  • Upload a photo of yourself wearing your Suunto Ambit 2 or 2 S GPS watch on Suunto Ambit Power camp Facebook page and share your thoughts by simply sharing your answer in the question,

“What’s your ambition as an athlete and how can the Suunto Ambit power camp help you reach it?

At the end of October 16, we will select 25 winners to receive a FREE 2-DAY Power training camp to be conducted by Triathlon Coach and Suunto Ambassador, Andy Leuterio.

Follow them through their Facebook Page: Suunto Philippines  and get updates from the Suunto Ambit Power Camp Philippines.

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