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Weapon of Choice: Rock Tape

Posted by on 18. September 2013

Rock Tape

I got introduced to the world of rock tape when I got a heel injury going for my first sub 60 goal.  I had to tape the heel and the ankle as an additional protection and cushioning.  Even when the injury healed, I never took off the tape since it helps prevent injuries, enhance performance, improve blood flow and when taped just right, enhances muscle memory on the correct posture.  I also tape my planter area and also the knee area just to add additional cushioning to my knee especially for hilly courses.  I recently had a wrist injury coming from my bike fall and I was able to use the Rock Tape on the way to recovery.

Taped and Rocking the Race.
Top Left: Takbo.ph 21K by Photo-Ops; Top Right: Great Bank 5K by Aquizzed Snaps Photography;                          Bottom Left: Hong Kong Marathon, 21K by Marathon Photos; Bottom Right, Battle of the Sexes, 10K by Running Photographers

At the first sight of Rock Tape, I really liked their flashy designs that can go well with my race shoes and outfit.  Another advantage of Rock Tape is that it’s a lot sturdier and has a better adhesive than the regular muscle tape.  This is what sets  Rock Tape apart. Just imagine the amount of sweat you release in a race and some muscle tape tend to fall off but Rock Tape sticks from start to finish and even after the race to relax the muscle.  The dynamics of the game has changed and athletes can now perform at their peak through the use of tapes before, during and after a race.   Rock tape can also help recovery and rehabilitation through proper taping.  Also, Rocktape and Intercare will be having a Power taping and kinesiology workshop for those who are interested.

Intercare is the licensed distributor of Rocktape.  Aside from this, Intercare services ranges from strengthening, injury prevention and rehabilitation. I had my share of injuries over the past few years and their service offering made me realized, I should make it a habit to do regularly visit them.  It’s also advised that athletes who are going on a key race should also visit them weeks before the race so they can already assist in strengthening the muscle base.

Intercare is a comprehensive healthcare clinic offering the following services.

Mix and Match with Rock Tape

I also had the chance to get treated by an Intercare chiropractor and the first thing I had checked was my wrist injury.  Flashback a bit, I had a bike fall a month ago and the impact was on my wrist.  I had an orthopedic checked on the wrist as well as having my x-ray.   It turned out, all I have to do is to rest it and later on when the pain is gone to start doing some strengthening.  This was the perfect venue to test on how the wrist has recovered.  After a series of test, the wrist is almost completely healed though I still would need some strengthening exercises.  I also had my calves checked due to stiffening and cramping during runs.  It was massaged and was also given several strengthening exercise to reduce muscle fatigue.  With that I’m happy with my recovery,  I’m now licensed to ROCK!!!

Chiro Session at Intercare

Be a Rockstar and learn more about Rocktape and Intercare through the following:

Rock Tape: Facebook Page and Website

Intercare: Facebook Page and Website

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