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Thirsty? Obey Your Thirst with Sprite

Posted by on 12. February 2013

Watch and just Obey Your Thirst!

The Heat is ON!!!

There’s no denying that the days are starting to get warmer and the dry feeling in the throat is getting prevalent.  That feeling that you’d want to gobble up as much fluids as you can.  Well, stop the worrying and just Obey Your Thirst.  Nothing quenches your thirst like a cold bottle of Sprite.

Sprite has been a thirst-quencher for me for years.   As a playful kid back then, I drink sprite after spending most of my time outdoors.  Growing up, it’s been present on family gatherings, friends hang outs, outings and even school and work events.   Sprite has been effective in all those happy memories with the feeling of satisfaction as you get the sweet and lemony taste of Sprite flowing through your throat and reaching out for more.  Thirst Quenched.

Even as I shifted to a healthier lifestyle with me being involved in running and cycling.  Nothing lets me recover lost fluids and sugar from my race faster like a cold glass of Sprite.  Finishing a race is satisfying and feeling refreshed by a cold glass of Sprite is just bliss.

The Philippines has 7,107 islands to explore and I do travel a lot and hit the different attractions in the Country.  I don’t run away from the heat as the beauty of the country is found outdoors.  I face it head on and when the thirst comes in, there’s always a bottle of Sprite to let me enjoy the sun and keep me refreshed through out the day.

Well, Thirst is just a sensation quenched by Sprite.  So whether it’s family time, barkada moments, work events, an outdoor escapade, an intense race or work out.  It all leads to obeying your thirst and there’s a six letter word that tops the list of thirst-quenchers, SPRITE.

Follow SPRITE on twitter and make them trend by using the hashtag #ObeyYourThirst

Don’t forget to watch the video above and feel free to share the video or this post.

How about you?  What’s your #ObeyYourThirst Moment?

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