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Tagged With: Happiness

Incoming: Color Dash

Color Dash Coca Cola has always been in touch with the happiness in each Filipino household.  It’s been a silent witness of happy moments among family and friends as it has been a staple in most most meals or snack for several decades now.   Happiness has been the core of each bottle of Coca Cola … Continue reading »

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Thirsty? Obey Your Thirst with Sprite

Watch and just Obey Your Thirst! The Heat is ON!!! There’s no denying that the days are starting to get warmer and the dry feeling in the throat is getting prevalent.  That feeling that you’d want to gobble up as much fluids as you can.  Well, stop the worrying and just Obey Your Thirst.  Nothing … Continue reading »

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Guest Post: Happiness

My friend Padie Alover requested me to post his take on happiness and I’m taking this in as a guest post on my site.  Read up and be inspired. “Life is a never ending battle of uncertainties”. Everywhere we go we may find uncertain things to happen, certain things that become uncertain. But it may … Continue reading »

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I’m addicted… addicted to you… I’m starting to be a Run-A-Holic… I just had my second run in the past two weeks and I’m already registered in another a few weeks from now. I’m squeezing a few evening training runs during weekdays though it’s quite difficult lately due to the rainy weather. I’m real glad … Continue reading »

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