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The Zombie Journals: The Survival Missions are Coming

Posted by on 9. September 2013

Four outbreaks and thousands infected.  The balance of power has tilted in favor of the undead.  The outbreak has not been contained and an epidemic has taken over the country.  The hordes of zombies are free to roam while the few survivors are huddled up in some safe spots.  The world is struggling to find answers.  The society is in shambles.  Is this apocalypse?  Not yet but the faith of humanity is uncertain and lies on the few who have survived.  Trying to rebuild a society is not an easy job especially with hordes of zombies lurking around.

A telegraph messages reaches a group of humans.

Location: Festival Mall

Status: Compromised

Message: Survivors located, Surrounded by Zombies


The choice is limited.  Rescue survivors and have a better chance of rebuilding society and fending off the zombies or you can go on your own and try to escape the outbreak?  The choice is yours but any decisions you make can lead you to peril or survival.

Evacuation. Generations of zombies are waiting.

The abandoned Festival Mall look still and quiet at the dark of the night but there is no mistaking that you hear the sound of grunting zombies in the area.  It’s time for humans to rise to the occasion and the hero to this impending apocalypse could be you.  Only a few can go on this mission and the time is limited so will you step up and be humanity’s savior?

The Outbreak is No Longer About Just Running for your Life

The Outbreak is no longer about just running for your life as you’ll have to work in unison, trust your instincts and survive.   Be bold, be smart and be fast.  The horde has come ready for this one.   Survival would mean navigating the vast mall and getting past a horde of zombies who’s not been fed for months.  Heroes who dare beat the odds are wanted and if you fall in that category, the adventure awaits you and the rest of humanity sees hope in you.   You’ll have to act fast or else humanity may lose its only chance at survival.

Choose your mission!

Outbreak Mission is a live-action, zombie survival experience that promises a screaming good time.  It is no longer merely a run. It is a choice-dependent adventure. Participants will be grouped into teams and asked to complete several tasks by looking for survivors, performing challenges, and uncovering clues around the course. Each choice takes the team to different tasks that bring them deeper into a post-zombie apocalypse world. And the ending depends on the decisions they make while trying (and screaming) hard not to be zombie food.  Like Outbreak Manila, participants will be given a belt with three red flags representing their lives. The goal is to complete the mission and finish with at least one life flag intact. And as exciting as it all sounds, no physical contact amongst participants and zombies are allowed at any time.  With so many choices, side missions, special characters, and clues to experience, the best decision to make is to take part of this one-of-a-kind challenge.

Outbreak Missions: Adarna Initiative Directors Cut on November 16, 2013.

After 3 Outbreak Missions comes the Directors Cut of Adarna Initiative featuring a much more difficult course and an all-out zombie experience.  You can also choose to go hardcore with only one single silver flag and when you finish alive, you get the limited blacked anodized dog tags.  You get also a special sleeveless shirt for identification purposes.  Ready to go hardcore?

Adarna Initiative #DirectorsCut Giveaway

Francramon.com wants to add a saviour to the human kind while the Outbreak Manila Zombies would want another meal to join the Outbreak Mission so we’re giving away two (2) Outbreak Mission, Adarna Initiative Directors Cut on November 16, 2013.

The Mechanics are as follows:

1) Like Francramon.com and OMZ Outbreak Manila Zombie Page  

2) Share this post on your Facebook Wall using the FB Share Button Below and invite your friends to join Outbreak Mission. Add the hashtag #OMZ and #AdarnaInitiative #DirectorsCut in your Facebook post for checking.

3) When it comes to outbreak we need the brainy ones to either unlock the cure or be zombie food.  Answer the question below and the top 2 best answer by November 10, 2013, 11:59 PM wins.

“You have come at a crossroads during a mission, one road has less zombies and easier to survive and the other road has a love one you can save but is a bit riskier, which road will you take and why?”

4) Post your answer on the comment box below. Add hashtag #DirectorsCut to your answer so we’ll know that your comment is part of the contest.

5) Winners would be announced on Francramon.com and OMZ Outbreak Manila Zombies.

6) Contest is open until November 10, 2013, 11:59 PM and winners will be announced on November 11, 2013

Contest Closed and the Winners are:

Jo Sapak


D — Despite the less riskier road seems to be tempting
I — I will still choose the Riskier Road
R — Running, Fighting, equipped with a warrior’s heart
E— Embracing even the hardest way, slightest possibilities and small chances
C— Creating an absolute plan, enlighten with spark of hope and chanted words of prayers
T— To Save a love one, is a choice , and I believe it’s the right choice
O— Overcoming all doubts and fears
R— Researching, re evaluating, executing the right plans and decisions
S— Sucessfully I’ll be able to save my love one.. Became a Survivor
C— controlling emotions, focusing mind, gathering body strength,with strong faith
U— understanding, accepting the path that I choose to save a love one
T— trying hard , try harder with the best of all of me. Or so … LIVE or DIE on that day.


Ian Yu

I would choose the road to save my love ones even if it means taking risk. As humans we always fought to survive for eons & centuries, now that this type of apocalypse has bestowed upon us it is with much humane duty to fight for the survival of our love ones even if it means life threatening – at the least because we owe our lives initially to them who cared for us.

Imagine the thrill to take a noble risk regardless of outcome, hopeful yet uncertain of what lies ahead – maybe this time I can be the superhero whom I always dreamt that one day be … #DirectorsCut

Mission Details:

The Undeads are Rising!

Date and Venue: October, 2013  Festival Mall, Alabang

  • Adarna Initiative, October 4 and 18 and November 16 (Directors Cut)
    • Running out of resources, the outpost has fallen on tough times, and most of the members of their community are gone, leaving for the promise of an escape– a bus with a straight shot out of the infected zone.
    • The mission is to fight for survival and set a path to the bus, the only way out of the area. Navigate your way through the mall and its narrows. Be careful, the most dangerous thing out there might not even be the zombies. Remember: there are two endings, if you lose all your lives you won’t complete the mission, and be on the lookout for lives that are scattered around.
  • The Narrows, October 19
    • Running out of resources, the outpost has fallen on tough times, and most of the members of their community are gone, leaving for the promise of an escape– a bus with a straight shot out of the infected zone.
    • The mission is to fight for survival and set a path to the bus, the only way out of the area. Navigate your way through the mall and its narrows while being on the lookout for lives that are scattered around. Be careful, the most dangerous thing out there might not even be the zombies.

Fees: P1,000 inclusive of the following:

  • FREE Oubtreak Missions Souvenir Shirt
  • FREE Stainless Outbreak Missions Authorization Card
  • FREE “Life Representing” Flag Belt
  • FREE Lootbag with goodies from sponsors
    • Collectible Dog tags for “alive finishers”
    • Best in costume awards


Mission Shirt

Registration period: September 13, 2013 until October 17, 2013 or until slots are filled up.

Registration centers:

  • Toby’s Sports (Shangrila, MOA, Glorieta)
  • Runnr (ATC, BGC)
  • Brooks (SM North Edsa)

Wave Schedules:

Sold out but new slots have been added.

Fresh new slots are open but be quick as it can run out as fast as you run for your life in a zombie outbreak.

Registration form:

October 4, 2013 Giveaway Winners

Arvin Cape The Psycho Prisoner would be the hardest to evade since it’s mind was very unpredictable even before it became a zombie, experiencing excruciating punishment from the boss in the prison gave him unending fury and hunger to it’s victim.

Joel Rosh Balbuena hands down the werewolf zombie would be the hardest to evade. werewolves are already impossible to outrun and zombies would go to any extent to eat your brain, putting these 2 creatures together would give you a beast who can run like hell and has a tombstone-hard determination to eat your brain! what makes it really worse is the fact that the werewolf zombie is a WOMAN! and a pretty hot one at that! Adding that in the mix “hell hath no fury like a (hot) undead lady werewolf with a tombstone-hard determination to eat your brain (or take your life flags hehehe)”. so WEREWOLF ZOMBIE has it!

Mission Updates:  Outbreak Manila FB Page and Website

The horde awaits YOU!!!

The Horde’s Await You and has opened a Zombie School too.

Enrollment to ZOMBIE SCHOOL is now open

Please see the following qualifications needed:

    • Completed Zombie Registration form here to be sent afterwards to zombies@outbreakmanila.com
    • Ready to scare people out of their minds
    • Available to attend Zombie School on Saturday, November 9, at 3pm. Location to be given upon completion of the form
    • Willing to follow all of our rules. What type of savages will we be without rules?
    Registration Fee for Zombie School is P1000 and comes with:
    • Being part of the zombie horde for as many mission days as you wish
    • Zombie Make-Up for all chosen dates
    • Exclusive Outbreak Manila Zombie T-shirt
    • Food during Zombie School

For more questions, you can send us an email at zombies@outbreakmanila.com

Read about the other zombies and Outbreak Manila at the Zombie Journals Tab.  Please follow this site by liking the Francramon.com Facebook Page for more zombie Journals and future Outbreak Manila Updates.

You can also follow Facebook Page of Outbreak Manila Zombies

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