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The Zombie Journals: The JhamJham Zombie

Posted by on 9. August 2013

The JhamJham Zombie gearing for a flag-bath

The Outbreak has brought fear to thousands of runners from the trails of Nuvali to the tracks of BGC and to the cobblestone paths of Enchanted Kingdom, the thirst for those yummy red flags has been unwavering.  Out of the hundreds of zombies that came, that ate and that conquered, there’s one JhamJham Zombie that leads the way among the horde.  Among the original flesh-biters, he has haunted and turned zombies across the Outbreaks.  His strength is overwhelming but his zombification has been a missing piece in his memory.

A Crawler Awaits for His Prey

Jham’s living memory was being a devoted friend to one Doctor Von Angelo Outbrekkus, whose conquest in the field of molecular genetics is the stuff of greatness.  While Outbrekkus lived with the fame, the promise and the glory, Jham was his constant reminder of living the thin line between genius and madness intact.  On the verge of a breakthrough, Jham volunteered to use an untested serum that Outbrekkus believe would be a key for dead cell regeneration.

Park at Your Own Risk

The injection of the serum was the last thing Jham remembered.  He woke up in a graveyard feeling numb and clueless on what he is. Did he die because of the serum or was he a victim of a zombie outbreak?  That he can’t remember.  He attacked all the humans he met and they eventually joined his horde.  He left a ravaged path of zombiefication and grew his horde.  In no time, the horde went on from one outbreak or another but above the thirst for those red flags, the JhamJham Zombie was in search for an explanation.

Animation by: Meia Ramos Alvarez

Where is Outbrekkus?  Is it his undead instinct craving for revenge or there is still a part of him that still looks out for his dear friend?  The JhamJham zombie was more on questions than answers but in between, he feasts on red flags and directs his horde.  Outbreakkus has gone mad after the incident and his once promising self was now a demented soul ravaged by a failure that broke the thin line of sanity.  Did he create the Outbreak? That he didn’t know too.

YOU could be their next meal

The horde is growing by the number and 4 outbreaks done, the flag-lust just gets even stronger.  The JhamJham zombies continue to haunt runners and he is always relentless in his prey.  He once was a devoted friend but in here, he’s one of the zomboss who sets the tone of aggression and expect him to come attacking in full force.

The horde is growing!

Fear the JhamJham zombie for his instinct takes him back to unearthing the memory that led him to be one of the undead and whoever crosses his path, ends up to be dinner or the fresh part of the horde.  Finding Outbrekkus might end up finishing the riddle of how the JhamJham zombie existed or it may be the answer on how the undead broke out of their shell.   That is a story that comes at another outbreak and you just know, it’s gonna be an (mis) adventure and believe me it’s gonna happen real soon.

The JhamJham Zombie awaits YOU!

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