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The Zombie Journals: The Annabelle Zombie

Posted by on 2. October 2013

The Annabelle Zombie

The Zombie world has always interacted with the supernatural world and through all those outbreaks; there was one zombie who sat quietly at a corner playing with her doll.  Don’t be deceived, she’s out there to get you flags.  She’s all zombie and no spirit and her stories tells you on why her zombie self is not a mere creation of the horde but more of a supernatural kind.

Catch her or rather she’ll catch you at Outbreak Mission

Annabelle was your normal farm girl who loves playing in the field but her life came to an end after some strangers attacked her viciously in the field.  She was left for dead or so they thought.  Annabelle made her way to the nearest convent struggling and almost lifeless with her favorite doll. Upon reaching the convent, the salvation she expected turned out to be a far worst curse. When the convent door opened, it was the NUNdead that came out and gave her a bite.  Her spirit left her body vowing vengeance to the strangers that attacked her and her human body was turned as a member of the horde under the guidance of NUNdead.

She corners a group of runners.

She brings a perfectly harmless doll along the outbreak and would patiently wait for humans to come to her for a dose of brains.  There was also something unusual somehow the doll she carries has a life of its own and directs Annabelle to scare people and take their precious lives.  Annabelle was not a prisoner of the horde’s hunger but it’s vengeance that powers her.   The spirit of the 7 year old farm girl that vowed vengeance was in her doll and planted a dark seed in her waiting to be unleashed when humans are lurking.  She’s driven by the sounds of shrieks and screams and sighs of people desperately pleading for her life like she did when she was still a 7 year old kid.   While the Annabelle Zombie appears threatening enough, the doll she brings has a life of its own and has a more vicious streak than the Annabelle Zombie.

She patiently awaits her prey. – Photo by Pinoyfitness

The possession has taken another turn as the outbreak haunts Festival Mall, the doll is no longer possessed by the spirit but the Annabelle Zombie is now possessed by her own ghost and its thirst for vengeance.  This makes her a more ferocious zombie appearing like a doll from a distance but in reality, she’s a zombie possessed by vengeance and hatred just waiting for the right time to be unleashed once again.

The Doll has taken over. Animation by Meia Ramos Alvarez

Beware the mall is a perfect resting place for a zombie that loves doll and takes the character of a doll.  The Outbreak Missions now hits a roadblock in the form of a Annabelle Doll Zombie.

Are you ready for her? Well, she’s ready for you.

Outbreak Missions is happening on October 4, 18 and 19 at the Festival Mall.  The Annabelle Zombie is one of the horde members you’ll get to see at the Outbreak.

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