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The Zombie Journals: The Sekyu Zombie

Posted by on 13. March 2013

No ID, No Entry

The Outbreak is Back

Even the undead celebrates their undead day as a year has almost passed from the first Outbreak.  From the trails of Nuvali, to the rain-drenched streets of BGC and to the rollercoaster ride at Enchanted Kingdom, the wandering zombies have set their motion in order to satisfy their craving for brains.  One of the zombies that brings order to the horde is The Sekyu Zombie who’s happy-go-lucky ways has caught up in with him in the undead world.  Through his whistle, he has guided the zombie to return to where runners consider their haven, BGC.  At his make shift are lies this note.

The Sekyu Zombie

The Sekyu Zombie Tries to Bring Order in the Horde

Mark was one happy-go-lucky guy who’s been shifting jobs because he can’t hang on to one until he was hired as a security guard in a maximum security prison that was near a grave yard.   On one of his shifts, he came sleep-deprived after watching a band headed by one Michael Jackson.   Sleep has overtaken him and slept beside one of the nearby trash bins inside the prison compound.  He was caught sleeping, which angered the warden.  As a punishment, the warder assigned him on night watch duties within the confines of the prison.  On one of his watch, he saw his idol Michael Jackson with a group of undead dancing into the tune of thriller.

MJ Fan until the undead

The fanatic in him made him go closer to the scene and it was too late for him to realize that it wasn’t a show.  It was a group of zombie taking heed from the Michael Jackson Zombie.  He blew his whistle non-stop hoping someone would hear it and come to his aid but the zombies started overpowering him and one blood curling scream after, he lost his memory and later on waking up as a zombie in his security guard uniform.

Caught You!!!

He joined the horde as they went on to have a brain-feast in Nuvali and after all the chaos and the bloodshed, he went back to the prison along with the Horde to get his revenge to the warden and ended up infecting the whole prison, including one Psycho Prisoner named Joms.  The horde then proceeded to BGC and the Sekyu Zombie had a dreaded move, which was hiding nearby trash bins and blowing his whistle as it froze his eventual victims leaving their lifelines unguarded.  Through his whistle, he also managed to guide the horde while they wander and eventually leading them to a theme park called Enchanted Kingdom during All Hallows Eve where another feast has given their victims a thrill that rival that off the space shuttle.  Only this time, their survival is at stake.

Headed to the Next Outbreak. – Photo from Outbreak Manila

The Sekyu Zombie is also fast, you can check on his alter ego in this page.  While you’re at it, you might as well get ready for the next outbreak happening in BGC once again.  Do I here runners screaming?  Yes, I do.  The Sekyu Zombie has a message for you… Register NOW and see you in BGC.

Gearing up for the  Sekyu Zombie dreaded move – Photo by Cheryl Golangco

Visit Outbreak Manila Facebook Page (click here) for more details.

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