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The West Lake Story

Posted by on 22. November 2006

Had a nice tour of the West Lake in Hangzhou courtesy of Lena of Marketing… The lake is very big and it would require you four to five hours to tour… You could also take a boat ride around the lake but it was too foggy to try… West Lake was still a splendid site to look at… quite mystical due to the foggy weather and it also features a dancing fountain show…

There are also a lot of food establishment nearby… We had Starbucks in there… Yes, there’s a Starbucks in Hangzhou… Still the same coffee, of course. Had a dinner at Pizza Hut afterwards… Hangzhou is very similar to Shanghai in terms of the cosmopolitan lifestyle and infrastructure… Incidentally, there are also East, South and North lake in different province in China… Hope to get to see the other lakes… Someday… I guess…

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