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The Live More Run

Posted by on 20. January 2013

Live More is the Color of the Day

Distance: 5.22 Kilometers
Date: January 19, 2013

The Live More Run

There’s just something about colors that make adults feel like kids.  It pleases the eyes.  It warms the heart.  It makes us remember that life is not all black and white but it’s a colorful one. Life is a burst of colors.  It can make us black and blue at times but it also give us rainbows of happy emotions to carry us through.

In Live More Colors

Life is short, life is simple… Live More.  I’ve been invited to be a social media partner of The Live More Run which I gladly accepted since running and having a healthy and fit lifestyle is one of the advocacy I promote and adding a few colors to pique the interest of runners or newbie runners  really helps the sport a lot.  Even before the run I had a lot of promotions to do from my Incoming blog preview (Incoming: Smart Live More Run) to hosting giveaways and to giving out race updates.  I did have fun being a social media partner.


Social Media Partner

It was also an Outbreak Manila Reunion as all Outbreak Manila Zombies were invited to join the fun in the event in our de-zombiefied state.  Runtertainment, the organizer of Outbreak Manila, will be handling this event.  We agreed to run in a single wave just to maximize the experience of Zombies in Living Color.

De-zombified Outbreak Manila Zombies

All roads lead to Nuvali but wait. I had a mild sprain in my ankle the day before the event and was having difficulty even just walking hours before the event.  Luckily, it got a bit better before I left for Nuvali but I’ll be doing this run in a live more pace, which means I’ll just have fun.

Race Route and Elevation

The race route was simple starting from Evolving Parkway to Evozone Avenue for the Km 1 Green Station. The race the proceeds to the East Nature Reserve for the KM2 Orange Station after which heads back to Nuvali Boulevard where you go a kilometer heading south for Km 3 Pink Station which is also the u-turn point, Km 4, you get to the yellow station finally head back to the field and Km5 blue station. Elevation is relatively flat with a moderate climb only going to East Nature Reserve.

The Race

Race is about to start

After several run or to run question in my mind because of the sprain, I just decided to go for it as this one’s a no pressure run and I can walk at a very easy pace going to each color station.  I  was also running with Outbreak Manila Zombie for this one so t should be fun.  At the onset, I was already colored purple since I was on the side where the color powders are being sprayed over.  One kilometer of brisk walking, I finally reached the green station where I took my time to be painted green at this end.  I also joined the challenge here where you have to crawl in green-filled area.  I was finally able to catch up with James, Tezza and Airo here where I paced with them for the next few kilometers.

Caught up with James, Tezza and Airo

I got splattered at the Orange Station and I’m really enjoying the experience.  The good part about this is that you get to enjoy your color since color stations are a kilometer apart.  After the orange station, it was back to Nuvali Boulevard and at the 3rd Kilometer, I was able to catch up with the rest of the Outbreak Manila Zombies and went on to finish the race with them.

With Jonah at the Pink Station

The Pink Station was a blast since we are now a bigger group.  We had fun playing in the pink station and Jeck even got some powder which he used to attack the other color stations.  We had a lot of photo opportunities since Joms was also stationed here.  It was a road straight to the finish line from this point.

Playing Basketball at the Yellow Station- Photo from Jonah Mae Trapal

KM 4 was the yellow station. Funny, how it stands out that Jeck was throwing pink powders to yellow station volunteers.  I also played basketball here in exchange for color packets.  I’m 2 out of 2 here.  It really gets more festive with games like this around.  The Live More experience is just a kilometer away.

Approaching the Blue Station – Photo from Jonah Mae Trapal

As we approached the blue station, I wanted to run back and take in all the colors again as its really an exhilarating experience getting sputtered with colors.  The blue station had a small trampoline for kids which a lot of kids enjoyed.  Ending this one with a touch of blue.

OMZ’s in living color

It was great to Live More in such a colorful way with the de-zombiefied OMZs.  5 kilometer burst of colors was really amazing and yet the fun does not stop there as there was a powder toss ceremony, a concert (first 500 people who checked in even got a Sponge Cola CD) and a led-powered balloons that made the Nuvali skies much brighter.  Of course, some of the proceeds of the run goes to the MVP sports foundation.

There’s something about colors that makes adult feel like kids.

OMZ’s Reunited

OMZs with Zomboss Angelo Cruz  – Photo from Jonah May Trapal

It was really nice for OMZs to be seen in a different and a colorful light.  We’re not just good in scaring and chasing people, we can also have fun and enjoy the colors like each and everyone of the Live More participants.  I’m just glad that the color powder concept is alive and ready to entertain people and encourage them to have fun running.  And another concept that I’m eagerly awaiting is the return of Outbreak Manila but ’til then let’s all enjoy a colorful lifetime.

De-zombified and de-colored – photo from Meia Ramos Alvarez

More Photos here

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