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The Best of Both Worlds

Posted by on 14. February 2012

I miss travel!!!

It’s not that I don’t travel much but coming from a schedule of having 8-10 out-of-the country trips and even more domestic trips in a year, the travel bug in me has been repressed.  Of course, the bigger part of the reason why I’ve reduced my travel schedule is that I’m balancing a 5-day work week and a 6 times a week run and bike training schedule.  No regrets really but 2012 is meant to be more balanced and travel should fit in perfectly.  For one, the key races (My A Races) have been identified and I’ll also be going for out-of-town and out-of-the-country races to boost my travel itinerary.


I joined Subic International Marathon in January, which also had me enjoying the scenery via a bike ride around Subic and a swim at Camayan Beach Resort.  It’s also a scenic treat to be running with both the bayside and forest view of Subic included in the 21 Kilomters race route.


Baguio is not necessarily vacation for me as this is my hometown.  I’ve conquered several terrains though I haven’t joined a run in Baguio.  The run craze is also at its high in Baguio and I’ll get to test my mettle against the mountains at Baguio 21K when I go home for the Holy week.  Feel the hills, not fear them.


I’ve been wanting to run in the fine white sands of Boracay for some time now but waking up early after party mode is not an easy thing to do.  Good thing that there’s a beach run slated in Boracay in April.  The sun, the blue waters and the fine white sands is a perfect combination for a run, rest and relaxation weekend at the peak of summertime in the Philippines. Definitely, more fun!!!


Imagine the sight of the scenic Taal Volcano as you try to conquer the Ridge at Tagaytay Highlands.  That’s what the Nathan Ridge Run is all about.  I sure hope they would have a second edition of this one as run in this area is not only one of the most extreme uphill terrains but it’s also a visual delight.


Corregidor is just around 6 kilometers long so squeezing a 21K Corregidor International Half Marathon would mean going through all the historical structures, the roads, the trails and the uphill terrain.  The place owns a seat in Philippine history and has scenic seaside views and trails for you to appreciate as you try to conquer the rock.


Globe Run for Home will be held in Cebu for a change in March.  Running in Queen City of the South would be a good change of scenery.  It’s also the new home of Ironman 70.3.  What makes Cebu an attractive place is that it is a mix of the cosmopolitan feel of Manila, the fine beaches and some uphill areas for a great view of the City.


Just recently added on the list of races is the Bohol Marathon.  It will be nice to run around Bohol for a change and then go on a rest and relaxation weekend in Bohol’s fine beaches, appreciate the marine life, play with the tarsiers and visit the chocolate hills.  You don’t get an energy bar as big as the chocolate hill.


I already had a run in Singapore via a 6K Yellow Ribbon Run but it would be great going for a half mary in Merlion City.   I’ve been to Singapore at least once a year over the past few years and there’s always something new in this city state and that is indeed a thing to look forward to running in this city state.

Hong Kong

This is like a second home to me and being here has been a yearly thing since 2003.  Competing in a run is definitely be one of my must do events in Hong Kong.  Despite being surrounded by skyscrapers, there’s something about Hong Kong that depicts much of its tradition.  It’s gonna be great running in a mix of the traditional and the modern and also, it would be nice to see the magnificent harbor view in a run.

On my wishlist


Been to China more than 10 times already but a visit at the Great Wall of China has been elusive and here comes the Great Wall Marathon.  It’s a full or half mary experience in the great wall wherein time is not the object of the run but to enjoy one of the world’s wonder.  It happens May of each year but as for me, I don’t think 2012 would be the year for me.

The Best of Both Worlds

Of course, I’ll also be having pure vacations but it’s great combining my passion for running and my passion for travel in several trips in a year.  It’s great to go for new frontiers and reconquering old ones.  It’s like having the best of both worlds.  

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