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Suunto Unleashes The Spartan In You

Posted by on 28. October 2016

Suunto is #TeamProgressBeyondLogic and the Suunto Spartan Ultra goes beyond logic with its top of the line features that will definitely unleash the Spartan in You.  Any fitness and adventure journey starts when you go out of your comfort zone and explore and conquer new territories. Suunto Spartan Ultra is the Ultimate Adventure Watch, which can cater to about 80 different sports.

Team Progress Beyond Logic

I’m an adventure-holic

We’re a different kind of crazy. We spend our weekends chasing summits, distance and personal bests. We spend our week days preparing for races, climbs and longer training blocks.  That’s normal in our books and yes, we do have a regular day job with demands and stresses that each corporate employee or owner feels.  We have the same 24 hours a day that we have to divide with work, family, rest and work-outs. Sometimes, it’s beyond logic how to squeeze in an hour or two of our busy day just to keep up with the fitness lifestyle.  It’s not an easy task as there will always be priorities but if you know what you want and you know what your passionate about, it’s an easier choice on where to spend your time, energy and resource.  Pursue you passions even if it’s not the easiest path because it’s what would make you feel complete and fully alive.

You don’t adopt the passion for adventure, sports and fitness overnight.  It takes time but it always start by stepping the unknown.  I started my own journey over 6 years ago by braving a 3-kilometer run.  I was able to climb my first mountain by huffing and puffing my way to Mount Batulao a few years ago.  I was able to join duathlons by starting to ride a bike and eventually cross my first duathlon finish line.  Since then I’ve been to finish two marathons, climb several mountain peaks and trail runs including Mount Fuji and Mount Kinabalu and even have a short time doing duathlons.  I had Suunto to guide me on all those journeys as I was conquering new territories for myself.  Suunto Watches not only helps you measure results on your different sports activities, it gives you a mental edge.  It gives you a chance to pace yourself and see how you progress over time, distance and altitude.

Suunto Spartan Ultra

I’ve have a Suunto Ambit 2 Sports, which I still use since my bike’s cadence sensor is using Ant+.  I also have an Suunto Ambit 3 Sports, which I use more often because of the easier-to-manage bluetooth interface and longer battery life.  Suunto Spartan Ultra is a major level up from Suunto’s previous GPS watches.  It allows you to train harder, faster and smarter than ever.  It’s what makes ordinary weekend warriors to have the hunger for excellence and the passion for continuous progress that drives the modern day Spartan in us. Whether it be in the pursuit of running, cycling, triathlon, powerlifting, or plain and simple badassery, the Spartan athlete is about pushing the boundaries of human potential.  It goes beyond logic to work harder than to rest, to keep going when others would already quit and to be the last one standing until you got the job down.  It’s a tough-as-nail wrist-top computers that is made specifically for an unbreakable athlete like you.

It’s an adventure proof watch that features a durable sapphire crystal lens, space grade titanium bezel, high contrast color touchscreen display, and a multitude of features in its quiver, the Spartan Ultra is all the modern day warrior needs and more. It’s tough-as-nail yet it has the elegance to go with your regular day-to-day watch or even one you can bring to special formal occasions.  It’s a really good investment since it’s your all-day, all-occasion and all-adventure watch.

Key Highlights of Suunto Spartan Ultra

Out on a trip to a new locale, Running Heat Maps gives you a downloadable map you can use on your training set.

  • Titanium bezel and proven SUUNTO durability make it light and incredibly tough enough to take the knocks and drops of everyday training without skipping a beat.
  • Outdoor Grade Color Screen. High contrast display is easily visible under any light condition. Intuitive menu lets the wearer easily tailor Spartan Ultra to his immediate needs.
  • Preset Sport modes. Designed for the multisport athlete, preset modes include Cycling, Outdoor/Indoor running, Swimming, Weight Training, and more. These can be further customized in the Movescount site.
  • Multi-Info Display. Spartan Ultra can display anywhere from 3 to 8 lines of information depending on the mode, reducing the need to scroll between display modes and distract from the workout.
  • 20-200H battery life. High powered battery and efficient Bluetooth and GPS technology minimize energy consumption; a must for Ironman athletes, ultramarathoners and multi-day trekkers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity. Spartan Ultra can be paired with SUUNTO cadence/HR pods, third party devices such as power meters, and can also sync to a mobile phone for email alerts.
  • Smart Training Insights. Everytime you sync your Spartan Ultra to the SUUNTO Movescount site, you get access to invaluable training metrics such as time in Training Zones, Training Effect, Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), and your training log.
  • Community Powered Progress. Connect Spartan Ultra to the Movescount community and you can reach out to coaches, discover new routes with cycling/running heat maps, and even plan out your next ride/run by downloading the route to Spartan Ultra.
  • Personal Best and Peer Group Training Insights. Spartan Ultra informs you when you’ve hit a new Personal Best in your workout, as well as lets you compare how you stack up with your peers.

Ride like a local by following your watch.

SUUNTO Spartan is distributed by Time Depot and retails at the following prices:

  • Spartan Ultra All Black Titanium P45,000
  • Spartan Ultra Stealth Titanium 40,000
  • Spartan Ultra Black 40,000
  • Spartan Ultra White 40,000

Available at the following stores nationwide:

Metro Manila

  • Time Depot Rockwell, Shangri-La, Festival Mall, SM the Block, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons’ Manila,
  • Maximus Athlete’s Café Shop

North Luzon

  • Time Depot Harborpoint Subic


  • Time Depot SM Cebu, SM Davao, Centrio Cagayan de Oro

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