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St. Luke’s Run For Wellness

Posted by on 9. December 2013

Got Blued at St. Luke’s Run – Photo by Tong Pascua for Photo-ops

Distance: 10K

Date: December 7, 2013

Place: Bonifacio Global City

Read about: Incoming: St. Likes Run for Wellness

” St. Luke’s Run got us wet, dried and blued while navigating the streets of Bonifacio Global City with a feel-good ambiance as the race promoted wellness and at the same time, generated funds for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.”
St. Luke’s Run for Wellness

Ah Ok on a Saturday Morning – Photo by KB Runner of Photo-ops

St. Luke’s Run for Wellness was more of a fun run than a competitive race with only the top 3 finishers getting timed for the race.  There was an added fun stations like getting hit by a water gun, then doused by blue color powders and dried up later.  Of course, the beauty of the race is that you can have personal goals in the race and try to meet them.  The route can be a really fast one with the generally flat Bonifacio Global City terrain.  The race can be a fun one with all the gimmick concepts or you can consider it a training run or a warm up for a long run.  Coming from 4 half marathons the last 5 weeks, being in the 10 kilometers distance was my recovery week after a month of endurance build up.  It’s also a great time to add some speed on the much shorter course. At the same time, it would really be fun to be racing in a more relaxed environment.
Race Course


Race Route powered by Suunto Movescount

Race starts in 34th street and proceeds to the Bonifacio High Street area via 11th Avenue.  From the High Street the race proceeds to Rizal Drive via 26th Street for the u-tun and heads back to 32nd street after looping back again in the High Street area.  The last 3 kilometers is a loop at Triangle Drive in 28th Street and comes back to 34th street for the finish.  The route is relatively flat though there are some false flats along the course.

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The Race

Just-in-Time at the Start Area – Photo by Tong Pascua of Photo-ops

I arrived at BGC 10 minutes before gun start so I had to rush from my parking slot to the starting line so I was at the start line barely 3 minutes to gun start. I missed the stretching part though did a little stretching so I won’t feel stiff during the run.  Coming in just in time is starting to be a bad habit for me as it’s a norm to be at the course at least 30 minutes before gun start for proper stretching and warm up.  Just a few moments from arriving at the start, the host was starting to count down the last one minute before gun start and in 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Bang!

Find the Hidden Franckee – Photo by KB Runner of Photo-ops

At gun start, I started with a sub 6 minute pace for the first kilometer since I’ll be using a 5:1 run walk approach for this one.  At the first turn I got hit by the water gun and followed by a shower of blue powder before going to the high street area.  The run walk has been mechanical by this time with me being more conscious with my pace on the run part so going to the next kilometers, I was still doing the kilometers below 7 minutes proceeding to the u-turn slot in Rizal drive and on my way back.

Halfway Point – Photo by Sherwin Guzman of Photo-ops

On my way back, I passed on the water station at the Rizal Drive and the one in High Street since I didn’t want to cross the road.  It was a good thing that my body is no longer that spoiled on hydration and the walking breaks of the intervals was also time to balance my heart rate.  My pace was still within the 6:50 – 7:10 in the next four kilometers before heading to the International School Area in 38th Street.

Running Blued!!! – Photo by We Run for Good Health

Approaching kilometer 7, I was happy to see a water station again after missing the last two stations so I had to stop to hydrate and proceed again to finish the last 3 kilometers of the race. It was now down to a loop at Triangle Drive and the way back from 38th street so I was able to speed up again.  At the midpoint of the 8th kilometer, I was given a bottle of Pocari Sweat so I had consumed the bottle first so I won’t be holding any bottle along the course.  After that, I stepped up the speed for one final push to the finish.

To the Finish – Photo by We Run for Good Health

At the last turn to the finish line was a big color me blue station which was more than a preview for me at the upcoming Color Manila Run 2 in January next year.  While other people avoided the station passing by the sides, I went to the middle of the station stopped to get spluttered by the blue powder and proceeded to the finish line.

Goofing Around at the Finish Line

I was rushing to the finish line and I forgot that this was not a timed race. I then realized I didn’t have my finish line photos so I went back a bit before crossing the finish line to have this photo.  With that was a faster paced run for me with still energy to spare for my long day ahead.  Aside from the dose of endorphins, I did enjoy this run with a more fun and pressure free environment.  Of course, it gets me more excited to the upcoming Color Manila Run.  I also hope that the race accumulated a good amount of fund for the Yolanda Victims as they still need all the help we can get.  Doing a 10 kilometer distance after a series of half marathon was really a nice breather and just like that, it’s back to training for my marathon yet again.  I guess, I can also call it a year when it comes to races.  See you on the road next year.

Here’s another Finish Line Pic. – Photo by KB Runner of Photo-ops

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