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Sporty Singapore

Posted by on 22. September 2011

When you visit places frequently, you have to find ways at seeing the place in a different light and since I came here with my running buddies, this is the time to explore the sporty side of Singapore.

Universal Studios

First stop was a visit to Universal Studios, which is my second time this year.  Nothing much new here except for a Transformers ride coming out on December and that maybe something I may visit on my trip here next year.  It’s always fun going to theme parks especially if you have two friends who’d brave the cyclone.  For me, I’m probably way past scaring myself to death with roller coaster rides though I did take the Mummy ride the last time I was here. Enjoyed a 4D adventure show plus a lot of photo opportunities here.

Singapore at Night

Had dinner with a friend at in City Hall area.  I liked the Pizza & Pasta combo we had. We also had a chance to appreciate the view from Esplanade. Singapore stays vibrant at night and people here probably have longer days as it seems common to be off work at past 8 pm. It was great looking at the bay side view overlooking the Singapore Flyer to Marina Bay Sands to Merlion Park and it’s a bonus that I can take panoramic shots from my Camera.  Switched to Brotzeit at Somerset for half a liter of banana flavored beer before calling it a night.


ON Running Technology 

Spent the next day shopping for running shoes and accessories.We were lucky enough to see the new ON Cloud Runner in the first shop we visited.  Trying out the Cloud Runner, it was difficult to let it go even if it was just weeks away from getting launched in the Philippines.  You would immediately feel a cushioned insole on a lightweight shoes.  I am always torn between a cushioned shoes as I have some tendency to have higher-impact strides and a lightweight race shoes to be light for speed and comfort during actual races.  So it was the best of both worlds, a cushioned and lightweight shoes.  Given that I’m going for longer distance runs, I see the Cloud Runner as a good investment and seeing that the cloud technology effectively cushions each of your stride, it provides additional protection from running injuries and additional comfort for runs.

Singapore has a lot of running stores and it was a haven for runners like me but I’m in one of my stingy spells so aside from the shoes, I just bought calves sleeve and a lock lace to match the shoes.

And for the main course, my chance to run at a competitive road race in Singapore via Yellow Ribbon Run.  It’s also the first time to run a distance lower than 10K since started doing 10K races last year.  I ended up running 6K run.  It was an uphill route under the scorching hot weather. I went for a speedy run with short walking breaks to catch my breath and I ended up finishing in the top 5%, 84th out of about 1700 runners.  Not bad for my first run on international grounds.

People, Food and Places

I always say that when it comes to Singapore, if you’re out of places to visit,  it’s always the people you get to appreciate. I do have a lot of friends here and just seeing them again or spending time with them makes a trip complete and you also get to meet and share a laughter or two with new people that makes you look forward to your next trip. There are foods I like in this area like the S$1 Ice Cream at Orchard, the street foods at Old Chang Kee and of course, we did have a great crab meal in Geylang, which was near our place of residence in Singapore at Aston Mansions.  I was able to enjoy the pool and the company of close friends here.

And just like that another trip to Merlion City is over.  I can’t wait to get back here.

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