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Posted by on 30. April 2008

I’m now back from my four day business (it’s really work this time…=0) trip in Singapore… A tough board meeting and AGM… The scope of my presentation has gotten bigger every time… but I guess, I still managed to survive another round of grilling… The difficult thing is the time and odds was really difficult… The time for subs to close should be shorten to provide more time to analyse the balances…

The good part of the trip was being able to ride the Singapore flyer with SGV friend Edmond and seeing my inaanak Jarren… The Singapore flyer is Singapore’s equivalent to the London’s Eye and it provides a nice scenic view of Singapore… the experience being stuck in a capsule going around at snail pace for you to appreciate the view in a large version of a Ferry’s Wheel was in a way unique being able to see the various Singapore attractions from way up top… Though a single round of 30 minutes is quite short for its S$29 cost… but I guess, its the experience that matter… After the flyer, I had dinner with Edmond, Joanne and family. Jarren is a very heavy 11 month old boy… and since it was held in Lucky Plaza, it had a nice taste of home…

Well, that’s for the fun part, the rest was work… though I did have time to shop in Chinatown area… funny how I navigated the place just to look for the cheapest set of souvenirs… The realisation was that I was spending too much time in the heat of the scorching sun just to be able to satisfy my stingy side… A stroll in the Orchard is fun especially with my favorite S$1 Ice Cream (It’s actually S$1.20 during weekends)… and getting lost in the city as well as having Singapore Sling both at the hotel and at the airplane…

Singapore is one place I get to visit at least once a year due to the AGM… good thing the place develops so rapidly that despite being such a small country, there’s always something new to explore… but I guess, they have to come up with developments fast as chances are the next board meeting will then be again in Singapore… =>

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