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#SlidefestPH has Landed in Alabang

Posted by on 20. May 2015


#SlidefestPH just got even better with #SlidefestAlabang.  The country’s biggest slip and slide event also came with two foam sliders to complement their regular sliders to give participants more chances to have the slide of their life.  The adrenalin rush you feel as you descend on the country’s largest slip and slide is just pure bliss and happiness.  #FilinvestCitySummerFun

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Slidefest Alabang

The run before the slide

To say my weekend was hectic was an understatement.  Over the weekend, I had a fight form workout, an investment conference, a color run a regular morning run, met my inaanak and an under armour event but I wouldn’t dare miss Slidefest Alabang even on a tight schedule.  I decided to just book myself a room at Azumi Botique Hotel, which is just a few kilometers from the event.  Azumi was the same hotel I used during Condura Skyway Marathon and in terms of value for money, I highly recommend the place.  So the drill was do fight form workout in Metrowalk on Friday evening. Saturday had me attending Investment Conference in SM Aura in Taguig in the morning before heading over to Azumi to check in at noon, drop by Slidefest Alabang, meet friends in Festival Mall and do 6K Color Manila Run.  I decided to just go for the 10 am-12 noon wave so that frees up a portion of my morning for about 10 kilometers more of running and allows me a few more hours before attending the Under Armour event in BGC.

A foam of snow along the slides

I dropped by 3 pm on Saturday to get my media pass just to go around and observe the place.  The venue was the slope near Palms Country Club along Laguna Heights Drive.  The biggest change was there were 2 foam sliders, which was shorter but equally fun since it gives you a different experience of sliding through a foam filled slide and the regular 2 1000 ft slide.  The queue time was short even for wave sliders because there were more slides.  This was such a big improvement from Slidefest Subic.  The place also had the same party atmosphere and a lot of food, music and entertainment.  There were also snow foam in the area at random times.  I did enjoy taking my slidefie with my GoPro.  I guess slidefie is the next selfie as most people sliding were documenting their slides with a GoPro or video cameras.

I reserved my slide time for the next day and decided to just go with the 10 am to 12 noon wave instead of the 7-9 am family wave.  In place I sneaked in a run around Alabang and in the vicinity of the slidefest area.  After my run, I made my way back to the slidefest area to finally get my slide pass.   I queued along with the wave sliders and the turnover of people was fast.  I then went on to start my slide and started with the right foam slider.  The right slider had the thickest foam and it was really fun to go through all the foam. Even if this was shorter than the regular slider, you really feel the slope and the rush that comes with the swift descent as you crash your way to the bottom of the slide.

Up next, I went to the left long slider, this was much longer than the foam slider. I was alternating long slider with the foam slider so I would get more slides.  The queue time was really fast and I was on my second slide with just around 20 minutes into the time.  The longer slide is always a thrill to be in as slippery slide propels your downwards swiftly.  I tried controlling my direction but I always ended up turning around and twisting as I went my way to the slide.  It was flat towards the end of the slide so that gives you a chance to slow down before you hit the bottom part of the slide. There were also shower areas near the slide so you can cool down with a cold shower on a hot day.

I then went back to the left foam slider and this was an even quicker queue time since most people are queuing on the right foam slider.  I enjoyed the shorter sliders because you get to feel the slope since it’s shorter and you get the scare of crashing towards the end of the slide since you still maintain your momentum at the end of the slide.  There are marshals to stop your momentum with a cushion of floaters.  I am also learning how to naturally slow down already on the sliders.

Filinvest City Summer Fun

I’m done 3 out of 4 slides and on my fourth slide, I was surprised that the right lane in the longer slide was open so that just means, I would be able to complete all four slides in less than an hour.  It’s another exhilarating ride of pure bliss and happiness.  Each twist and turns and the fast paced ride along the giant slippery slide is just capital FUN.  I’m really enjoying this adventure.

Excitement as it happens.

After 4 sets with one each per slide, I think I’m good to go even if I still have more than an hour to go.  I heard some were able to do up to 10-12 for the 2 hours wave slide time.

With Meia and Tracey

After my last slide, I met Meia and Tracey doing their rounds.  I went on to join Tracey do her rounds at the sponsors booth.  The slide was one thing and the sponsors booth was another as each sponsor booth had different gimmicks and games and not to mention a wide array of food choices.  There were also several contest, prizes and giveaways. My favorite was the one havaianas had where they would be giving away flip floats to those randomly spotted people wearing the havaianas.

WIth Tracey at Havaianas Flip Floats Area.

And I was lucky enough to bring my very own flip floats and I can’t wait to use it at the beach or in a pool. I’m such a big fan of havaianas because of their comfort and design.  It was a funny thing though how I’d slow down every time I passed their booth. I was spotted at the slide area.  I spent my remaining time hanging around the slide area and watching the snow form display.  This is just a summer of happiness and slidefest is a large part of it.  I’m super excited for the next location of slidefest.  ‘Til the next Slidefest PH.  Where’d you want to see the country’s largest slip and slide event to happen next?

It’s a scorching hot summer, remember to keep hydrated with a cold and healthy dose of Vitamin Boost.

What’s Next for SlidefestPH?

7,000 people joined Slidefest Philippines in their Alabang Leg.

Slidefest Philippines is the first family-friendly, adrenalin-pumping, GIANT slip and slide event in the country. Its first installment was in Subic last April 18, attended by three thousand five hundred people. Last May 16 and 17, a massive slip and slide invaded the streets of Filinvest City, Alabang with more than seven thousand people zooming through the giant slide, complemented by a festive atmosphere of music, refreshments, and activity booths.

Where’s the next Slidefest?

“This event is one thousand feet of pure happiness! And what’s better than one day of slipping and sliding? Two days of Slidefest! We really wanted more people to experience this one-of-a-kind slide. And we hope to bring the concept to more places around the country soon!  What’s next for Slidefest? The group aims to take over the streets of different cities over the next few months. So who knows, you could wake up one morning with a giant slide just a few blocks away! Those who missed Slidefest have a lot to look forward to. We’re not sure when or where yet, but we guarantee that it’s going to be a lot of fun!,” says Angelo Cruz of Slidefest Philippines.

Where do you think would the next Slidefest be?

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