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#SlidefestPH Brings #1000FtOfPureHappiness to Subic

Posted by on 21. April 2015

We had fun in the bubble machine while awaiting our slide.

The Summer in the Philippines just got one major upgrade with #1000FtOfPureHappiness making its way to the scenic Subic Bay for its maiden offering.  #SlidefestPH gave us an exhilarating, fast paced and action packed plunge along a Giant Slip and Slide attraction.  It came with all the thrill, the twist, the turns and a big splash as you make your way to the bottom of the slide.  It also came with a feel-good party atmosphere that made it a great bonding event for family and friends.  The good part about is that this one is just the start as those Giant slides makes its way to Alabang on May 16 and 17, 2105.  Do take the #SlidefestChallenge when it hits Alabang.

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#1000FtOfPureHappiness is now in town.

The buzz about the #1000FtOfPureHappiness started last February with the social media launch of the event.  It comes at a perfect time to offer something different by the time the summer months hits the country.  I was lucky enough to get to try the slide on its test run and felt that this is really one exciting family-friendly, adrenalin-pumping giant slide that everybody should get to try. The swift descent gives you a rush and excitement as you get to slide, twist, turn while making your way to the giant slide.  I know that the real thing would be so much better.  Fast forward to April and the wait was finally over.  My schedule is like a sudoku puzzle as I get to balance a lot of events happening on the same weekend but I made time to drive my way to Subic and get to experience the real thing.  I was able to get a good deal for my accommodation at Mango Valley Hotel in Subic.

#1000FtOfPureHappiness The Bay and the Mountains

I was able to reach Subic around 10 am and immediately got my media pass, which came with a two hour pass at the slides.  I didn’t select a time for my slide first as I wanted to explore the place first and await friends who would be in the vicinity.  There are food booths that came in food trucks, food stalls, ice cream stations and hydration tents.  There was merchandise area with cool event shirt for the VIP sliders and those who would want it as souvenirs.  There were claiming areas, which was arranged alphabetically for easy claiming of the slide pass. There was also a photo booth area wherein you can get a souvenir of your slide.  The event area had two queue lines, one for the VIP slides and one for the wave sliders and they are eventually funneled into the two giant slides where they take the #1000FtOfPureHappiness Slide.  I took some photos of people doing their slide and each slide was a unique experience with people having various forms and ways to navigate the giant slide.  (Few of the photos can be found at Francramon.com Facebook Page).

Joined the slide with Mr. Pinoy Fitness Jeff Lo and his friends Chiqui and Mike Dijamco

After having my lunch, I decided to check in my hotel first before going for my slide.  By the time I returned, I met Jeff Lo of Pinoy Fitness with his friends Chiqui and Mike Dijamco and we decided to join the 4 pm wave for our slide.  At first, we started to queue with the wave sliders and queued with the last sliders of the 1-3 pm wave.  It took some time before we got our chance to slide but since we had water and bubbles to play with and we had each other to talk to, we didn’t notice much of the time.  It’s best to do this with people you can get along with as they could keep you company while passing time.  After a while we finally got our chance and the ride was really fast, fun and really adrenalin pumping.  The real thing was probably 1000 times better than the test run as they found a more inclined slope and the ride was frenetic.  It had me twisting, turning, bumping into the walls and accelerating for a large splash.  The bottom of the slide was really exciting as you get to crash to a lot of cushioned guarded by marshals.  Hats off to the marshals as they did take a lot of impact with each slide.

After the first slide, we were all talking about how the slide was worth the wait. We also tried out the VIP sliders lane as we also wanted to try out the queuing experience there too as Media.   At this time, the bubble machine was on the VIP sliders part for we played around like kids in the bubble machine.  Being covered with bubbles all over can really be fun. Next, we had access to the hose so we really took it upon ourselves to try to dose each other with water. Its great that GoPro is water proof as we had it drenched in bubbles and water and it passed that test with flying colors.  People really had fun with the bubbles and the water. It helped pass the time while waiting for our turn.  Towards the end of our wait, it was also the time where the weather shifted from scorching hot to that chilly breeze of nightfall.   From being eager with water, we tried to avoid it because it was already cool.  The shift in weather can be drastic, it’s a good thing that I was able to load up on Vitamin Boost and Booster C which was available on the booths to increase my resistance.

The second drop was even a lot more fun as I’m trying how the raft would react with my feet up or when my feet was down.  I also tried trying to control my trajectory by using my hands against the wall.  I ended up descending at a more adrenalin-pumping faster paced.  As I was about to reach the end, I heard the marshal telling me to slow down and that got me thinking. How do I slow down?  That’s something I got to learn in the next slides.  I think you have to use your hands to break a bit.  It ended up to be an even bigger splash when I ended because of my faster pace.

The Thrill of the Slide

After the second slide, we were discussing if we’ll get to do another but we opted to reserve the excitement for Alabang.  So far, so good.  I’m sure they’ll find a way to make the lines smoother by the time Alabang comes.

Manila’s Hottest DJ Nina hosting the Party Wave

I stayed around til the party wave and the sliders shifted to a more colorful light display and I think the party wave batch had a faster queue.  It was also fun seeing people dancing and partying their way with family and friends with Manila’s hottest, DJ Nina hosting the party.   It great to see Slidefest come to town and despite some hiccups, I can say, this was a great way to bring Slidefest to the Philippines.   Looking forward to the Alabang leg and future legs to come.

If you want to register for the next leg, you can read the registration details here: https://francramon.com/slidefest-philippines-brings-1000ftofpurehappiness-and-the-bestsummerever/

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