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Running with Newton Kismet Again

Posted by on 31. March 2016

Back Wearing My Go-To Shoes, Newton

Newton is my Go-To Shoes for the past few years.   The five-lugs gave me an added push to run faster and go longer.  It’s light on the foot and really helps you develop the more efficient mid-foot landing.  The Newton Kismet gives you a more cushioned ride, which makes a perfect entry level shoes when you try to adopt to the Newton Technology. #FeelNewton

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Feel Newton

Gym Session with Newton Kismet

Let’s start with an interesting piece of trivia.  I’ve covered around 435 kilometers of racing mileage in 2015 and over 70% of those mileage was with Newton as my race shoes.  Yes, Newton is my Go-To Shoes and if you get to add my training mileage that’s more than a thousand kilometers wearing Newton Shoes for the year.  That also meant getting to try a lot of Newton Shoes.  One of my favorites would be Newton Kismet since it’s the easiest shoes to get used to in the Newton Line.

Leading our pace group using Newton Kismet Shoes.

When I started 2016, I went on to try different running shoes just to give me a different feel of the road.  The first shoes had me limping over the last 5 kilometers since the toe area felt tight on the latter part of the race.  The second shoes had my arch sore because it lacked arch support.  That’s the thing with shoes, not every shoe can work for you.  I went back to Newton with the Kismet.  I love the teal colorway. It really stands out.  I expected being back to that  getting-to-used-to phase once again since it’s been months since I last run wearing Newtons. It always takes time to get used to especially since it uses a different technology.  The first run I had with Newton Kismet was a few weeks ago and it felt natural.  The transition was painless especially since the Kismet had a 4.5 mm heel to toe drop which meant that it had a lot more cushioning.

Leading our pack!

The first real test of Newton Kismet when I was part of the pacer for Run United 1.  The plan was to do a run walk style to teach runners on proper pacing. The run part was exciting since we were doing it at a very fast pace.  That’s thanks a lot to the 5 lugs that gives an added push to the toe for faster and longer strides.  The 5 lugs aligns perfectly to metatarsal plates of your feet giving you a better feel of the surface and more relaxed landings. The weight of the Newton Kismet is 9.7 ounces, which is a bit heavier than other Newton models.   It can still give you a faster cadence and a lightweight feel because of that added push.

It’s also my partner on my night training runs.

The flashy colorway with its 360 degrees reflectivity helped a lot during my night run since it can make me safer and more visible at night.  It has an extended medial bridge for added stability on the foot strikes as well additional support to the arch.  When it comes to the toe area, there’s a lot of room to move so it won’t feel tight even on the latter part of long runs when the feet starts to expand.

Night Visibility with 360 degrees reflectivity.

It has a seamless finish so you can use it with or without socks, without worrying about friction burns or irritations.  Another important feature is that it’s made of breathable materials, which can really prevent your feet from overheating especially with the numerous foot strikes when you run and the warm weather.  It keeps your feet cool and comfortable.

Feel Newton!!!

Which Newton is right for you? It really depends on your foot type and how you pronate.  Newton Kismet is among the safest option especially when you are still trying to get used to the mid-foot landing and push of the toe transitions.  Once you get used to it, you can shift to the lighter models as it can give you more speed.  For me, I also use Newton Distance and once I got used to it, I can go at a faster cadence because of its lighter weight.   Either way, you’re in for a shoes that’s gonna help you develop the proper landing and more efficient strides.  It can also be perfect for regular days especially when you have to walk or stand a lot during the day. The additional cushioning can really keep you comfortable during the day.

With Leo Libuna of Newton Running Philippines

Another product I like with Newton is there bag.  The Newton Bag is a do-it-all bag as it can be a sling bag, back pack and even a gym bag.  It’s spacious and it has a compartment inside for the shoes.  It felt so comfortable that I also used it to carry my stuff when I covered Century Tuna Ironman 70.3. It had enough room for my laptop camera and several sets of changing clothes.

It can also be a walking shoes because it’s so comfortable.

Newton Running Shoes is available at Runnr Stores, Toby’s and Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe.

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