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Run GNC 2016

Posted by on 5. July 2016

Easy and fun 10K at Run GNC 2016

Run GNC 2016 was another feel good run.  It had thousands of participants but it had enough leg room to for you to run.   It was a fast and flat course with a little bit of flyover.  It’s a welcome variety for a 10K MOA and Roxas Boulevard route to utilize the flyover at Buendia for that hilly feel. 

Run GNC 2016

With Philip BF and Supladong Irish Runner

For me a race starts days before the race as I need to keep my regular mileage to be in race condition during race day.  I missed a chunk of my training for the week because of the weather and a busy schedule.  The goal for the race was just to enjoy the course and have my weekend mileage.  I opted for the 10K distance as I enjoy the faster pace of the shorter distances.  I actually get to exert myself more on a short route than doing a half marathon.  Either way, it’s always a fun weekend when you’re out there in a racing environment.

Race Map

The race starts at Seaside drive and heads to Macapagal Boulevard and CCP area for the first kilometer.  The race shifts to Roxas Boulevard heading to EDSA passing by Buendia Flyover for the next two kilometers of the race until the u-turn slot.  The race then head back to MOA area for the finish.

The Race

Race Ready. – Photo by Ryan Moral for Pinoyfitness

I’m starting to enjoy the feel of weekend races again.  It’s more of a lifestyle now than just chasing a specified time or distance.  I love the challenge of a fast 10K where you can push yourself harder since you know it’s a shorter race.  I often get exhausted more over this distance than a half marathon.  I still am not use to waking up early but I was able to be at the starting line 30 minutes before gun start for proper warm up.  There was about 900 participants in the 10K category.

Running in the dark. Photo by Active Pinas.

Despite the lack of mileage for the week, I felt more adopted to the road running mentality than I was a week ago at World Vision after being in the trails the past few months. At gun start, I went on to join the rest of the pack starting fast. I’ll try how long I can push myself and slow down a bit when I get tired.  The first kilometer was a breeze in the SM Mall of Asia Area.  I was able to keep in pace at the second kilometer in Macapagal Boulevard.   I was still able to sustain the pace on the third kilometer exiting the CCP area.

White is the New Flashy!!! I’m glad I had these eyecatchers to keep me visible in the dark.

I was approaching the hilly part of the course so I tried to go more at a controlled pace.  I slowed down heading to the flyover and went on a 30 seconds run, 30 seconds walk on the climb.  I like using the run walk method to keep myself from being lazy even when I slow down. I kept walking breaks to a count of 20.  I went on to speed up after the climb then went back at an easier pace heading to the u-turn slot at Roxas Boulevard.

Heading back! – Photo by Active Pinas

One thing I like about out and back courses is when you hit the u-turn slot, you can start counting down the kilometers back.  I was still able to keep a longer run interval by the kilometer 6 and had to do 30 seconds run and 30 seconds walk on the climb back in the flyover.  I was slowly depleting my energy reserves.  10K races always makes me feel that way because I don’t give myself long rest intervals on shorter distance runs.

I just love racing on weekends – Photo by Diwata ng Bicolandia

With 3 kilometers to go, I had to shift to a shorter run walk interval.  I would run for about a minute and have a recovery walk for 20 seconds then I would repeat the sequence.  With a more distributed recovery walk, I was able to improve my average time per kilometer.  It was now routine as I get to count down the final kilometers of the race.  I was able to reach Macapagal area with about two kilometers to go.  I was able to Mall of Asia area with a kilometer left.

To the Finish Line – Photo by Ryan Moral for Pinoy Fitness

On the last kilometer, I had a photographers’ interval.  Since there were several photographers lined up Seaside Boulevard. I would go on to run about a hundred meters until I pass by one photographer then rest for 20 seconds to go on the next push. It would look better for photos that way.   I did this set up until I was able to inch my way to the finish line all soaked in sweat.  I even had a better time from last week’s run.


I really enjoyed this run as it had a lot of leg room to move.  There were sufficient hydration every 1.5 kilometers and it was a nice route.  I had to change quickly after the race as I was dripping in sweat. It was a shorter run but the effort was always there.   I guess that’s a great way to start a Sunday, the weekend warrior way.

Outfit of The Race

  • Top: Berghaus with #TaleOfTheTrail design by Breakout Design
  • Shorts: Under Armour
  • Shoes: Saucony Kinvara 5
  • GPS Watch: Suunto Ambit 3 Sports
  • Cap: 2xU
  • Socks: Features
  • Eyewear: Oakley Radar EV

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