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Regent Fun Run

Posted by on 12. August 2012

Distance: 16K
Time: 2 hours
Date: August 12, 2012
Pace: 7:30 minutes per kilometer

Regent Fun Run

Regent Fun Run Bloggers Launch at Dusit Thani

Regent Fun Run was the second race I had the opportunity to hype (pre race blog here) and it’s among my top 5 blogs to date.  Regent Fun Run was really not hard to sell as Regent has played a big part of our childhood with all those tasty chips they had to offer.  Who wouldn’t want Cheezels and Chickadees with those free toys way back then or the flavor rich Cheese Ring and Tempura at the current time?  In fact, it was really a good deal as you get a snack pack when you register and when you cross the finish line.

Race Route

The race had a very simple race route as they minimized too much turns though there were some areas in BGC that was being repaired at the time of the race.  The race starts at 9th Avenue and proceeds directly to Triangle Drive near Kalayaan Avenue.  It then proceeds to the long stretch of 8th Avenue until Kalayaan Avenue and back via 38th Street and 11th Avenue.  The Run loops a bit in 5th Avenue and 3rd Avenue before heading to the hilly part which is the Kalayaan Flyover going to Buendia until Nicanor Garcia before heading back to Bonifacio Global City via Buendia and another climb at Kalayaan Flyover.  The race goes into the final 3 Kilometers via Rizal drive until the 5th Avenue where you have the final u-turn.  Te race then goes to 32nd Street and lastly to 9th Avenue for the drive to the finish line.

The Race

My race preparations for this one was disrupted by a bike fall, a week and a half in sick bay and back spasm on race day so I decided to go on with this one at an aerobic pace and if I have excess energy at Kalayaan Flyover, I’d try to pack in some speed. Being away from the races has some disadvantages, for one I missed out with all my pre-race routine and another, I barely made the 16K gunstart.  I positioned myself at the middle of pack at the start area to do away with the temptation of starting so fast and eventually run out of energy at the later part.  At gun start, I settled in at a comfortable pace and first thing I noticed that there were kilometer markers at every kilometer and a water station every 1 and a half kilometer except for the stretch in Kalayaan Flyover where there were no water station, which I guess was to done due to space constraints.  It was fun running at a social pace. Met Jason Bustamante, another run blogger at the 2 kilometer mark. Met Team Total Fitness speedsters JR, Rojan and Charles who’s doing the 10K distance around the 7 kilometer mark in Mercato.  I also saw several familiar faces as race photographers, Bert dela Victoria, RJ Knight Runner and others. I then headed to Kalayaan Flyover while they proceeded to Rizal Avenue.  At the midpoint of Kalayaan Flyover, I met Team Total Fitness Speedster James on his way back for the 16K category.  The first 10 kilometers was still at a decent pace but way past that I started to feel the effects of the back spasm as it was hard to maintain the upright running form so had to rely on leg power on the last 6 kilometers.  The last three kilometers I started to feeling some sting in my legs so went on with a run-walk-run strategy until the finish line.  End result, my slowest 16K but that’s OK. This was more of a training run. I was testing different stride length and pace trying to rediscover my running form.  At the finish line, I had the rest of Team Total Fitness cheering me.  What a way to finish the race.  Back to the training ground for me.

Congrats to Regent for a Successful Regent Fun Run!!!

Team Total Fitness Running

Team Total Fitness (Daisy, Joan, JR, Me, Ferdz, Mike, PJ, Rojan, Charles, James and Moby) missing Jeff and Team Manager Mascy

One of the reason I was upbeat about this run is that this would be one of the races where Team Total Fitness would be running complete (Ok, almost complete).  It’s really difficult having the Team complete as we do have a lot of races to join but it was nice coming in full force at Regent Fun Run.  It’s definitely more fun to run with your team. Total Fitness was one of the media sponsor for the Regent Fun Run.  We joined the different categories, 16K – me and James, 10K – Rojan, JR, Charles, PJ and Mike, 5K – Moby, Ferdz and Joan, 3K – Daisy.  We also had a team breakfast, (a.k.a Post Ironman Party) at Buddy’s in Market Market.  It was really a feast as we had Buddy’s pancit and Quezon longanisa and a lot more.  We probably consumed more here that what we burned running but it was really nice to bond once again.  Team dynamics is getting better by the minute… err, or should I say by the kilometer.

Team Total Fitness at Buddy’s

Runner’s Race to Action

Singlets for a Cause

While I’m at the Fort, I donated most of my old singlets to Unilab’s Active Health and the different running groups Runner’s Race to Action wherein Unilab will match donated singlets with Medicines for the flood victims.  While the singlets do hold much memories, knowing that it will go to someone who needs in more is really comforting.  It was also great to see many runners supporting this worthy cause.


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