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Oakley EV Zero is Built for Speed and Comfort

Posted by on 21. September 2016

Oakley goes even lighter with the EV Zero.  That’s the same Oakley Technology that provides 100% UV Protection, High Definition Optics and its Unrivaled Impact Protection.   It’s now available at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe located as Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City.

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Different Trails, Different Oakleys

Unrivaled! That’s what people always say about Oakley.  I’ve had several Oakleys over the years and I still get to add more on the collection too.  It’s one of the core reason that I started a distribution hub for Oakley at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe.  There’s the jaw-dropping awesomeness of the Jawbreaker, which is perfect for cyclists since it has angst, vents to prevent from moisture and it protects your eyes even better.  There’s the Radar EV that looks perfect for ladies and those with smaller faces.  There’s the Flak 2.0 that’s perfect for runners with its sleeker feature. Then there are the different stylish lifestyle models.

When it comes to Oakley, you get unrivaled high definition optics, UV and Impact Protection. You can check out the video above when Oakley was tested against other leading brands.  You get the top-of-the-line product, the cooler look and even more protection.

MY EV Zero at the top of Mount Fuji

EV Zero is the latest in the line of Oakley.  It’s similar to the Radar EV line but it has a rim-less look.  The Radar EV has been among my favorite because it matches the contour of my face. When you go rim-less, you go lightweight and that’s the unique feature that the Oakley EV Zero has to offer.  I got a planet X frame which is a bit different with a purple printed stem combined with a positive red iridium lens.

It looks catchy, right?  Without the rim, it’s lightweight therefore it’s perfect for those doing multi-sports, running and outdoor training. It’s the lightest performance frame with their patented Plutonite® technology with a rimless design. It gives you a better and unobstructed view.  You’ll barely feel the added weight of the eyewear when you are wearing it.

I always get to feel the difference in comfort with an Oakley eyewear.  It’s rounded stem eliminates any discomfort on the ear area yet it still has a no slip grip on both the earsocks and the nosepads.  That means a lot when you’re wearing the eyewear for hours and you are in constant motion running/cycling.  The impact protection that comes in their Plutonite® Lenses means a lot when you are outdoors exposed to so many debris and objects.  You don’t have to fear the glare of the sun and its harmful effects on the eyes because of the 100% UV Protection.   Despite it’s sleek look, the EV Zero is not only lightweight but durable as well.

Eyewear is essential in my fitness routine as I use contact lens everytime so it protects me not only from the sun but the foreign debris as well.  Being lightweight means it’s easy to carry whether you tuck it in your stuff, place it over your head or wear it.  I’ve worn it on long races to keep my eyes protected from the glare of the sun, the wind or even the falling rain.  I’ve used it to trek Mount Fuji and its kept my eyes and a large part of my face covered from the cold winds at the summit. I’ve worn it on regular days because it just looks so cool.  It’s really a good investment when it comes to protecting your eyes.  Check out the other Radar EV models available at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe located at Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City.

They are also carrying stylish and limited trucker cap that’s perfect for both your casual life and outdoor adventure.

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