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The Oakleys Have Landed at Maximus

Posted by on 18. February 2016

Grab your Oakley Eyewear at Maximus

When it comes to eyewear, Oakley tops the list because of its unrivaled high definition optics, its unrivaled impact protection and its 100% UV Protection. You get the fashion friendly eyewear with the technology that will protect your eyes from the Sun’s UV Rays and debris.  Oakley is now available at Maximus Athlete’s Shop and Cafe located at the Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City.

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Oakley at Maximus

Get a Free Oakley Metal Gascan Cap with every purchase of Oakley Eyewear at Maximus Athlete’s Shop and Cafe

When you believe in a brand, it’s second nature to patronize it. I took it one step further by making Oakley eyewear as my first venture for my Company, Francramon Enterprises Inc.  The love and appreciation of the Oakley brand has grown through the years.  At first, I was there for just for the look of the eyewear. Oakley got the most fashionable designs.  Then I got to feel the comfort of their eye wear as I went on longer runs and bike rides with their lightweight features.  Later on, I got to appreciate the technology.  Their high definition optics gave me a clearer, sharper view without distortion.  They also have unrivaled impact protection that means a lot to me as I tend to be clumsy at times in the trails where my Oakley gets hit by tree trunk and other foreign objects.  There’s the 100% UV protection that gives a mental edge when the heat is on plus protection for the eyes.

Crossing my first 42.195 kilometers with Oakley

I’ve conquered a lot of running mileage with my Oakleys.  I’m glad that Oakley can protect me from the sun’s ray and let me focus on my run.  When I crossed my first Marathon finish line in 2014, Oakley helped a lot especially on the latter part with the sun getting extra glaring in the early morning.  It gets a lot tougher especially that the open roads are not shaded and the glare can really be distracting.   With Oakley, my eyes felt relaxed as I didn’t have to worry about the glare of the sun. That alone was a great mental edge as I took on the tougher parts of the marathon.  Whether it’s a marathon or a just an easy-paced fun run, Oakley gives me unrivaled UV protection.

Doing Duathlons with Oakley

My worry on bike rides is the debris that can hit my eyes especially since I’m always wearing contact lens.  I also worry about fogging especially when sweat starts to add moisture to most sunglasses.  I didn’t have to worry about that with Oakley as it kept me protected from the debris.  It also have tiny vents on the top part of the eye wear to reduce moisture that can lead to fogging.  Then there’s the high definition optics that gives me a clearer view of the road ahead.

Traveling with Oakleys

I also do my fair share of traveling. When you go places, expect to take the heat whether it’s lounging around the beach or taking a stroll around foreign roads.   You really spend a lot of time outdoors when you travel as you switch from one tourist attraction to another.  I also have several Oakley Lifestyle eye wears that gives me a more casual and laid back look.  It keeps me protected from the sun and I get to go around in style.

Oakleys in the Mountains

I’ve also grown fond of doing trails and climbing mountains.  Compared to running, where it’s mostly in the morning and evening, trails and trek is an all day activities.  Sun protection is key and the high definition optics of Oakley makes a whole world of difference. Imagine seeing a ridge or summit view of the mountains and you’re using really dark glasses.  It takes away some of the beauty of the place.  Oakley High Definition optics gives a clearer and sharper view of the surroundings.

Oakleys for Everyday

I also wear glasses especially on work day.  I actually got a sporty Ferrari Crosslink Oakley and plan to pair it up with some transition lenses.  So I can have a regular prescription glasses to work and yet still have a sporty eyewear that can double as sun glasses when I’m outdoors.  Oakley can really be flexible from sports, prescription and lifestyle. They have different eye wear to suit your needs.

Oakley is now available at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Cafe located at the Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Street Mandaluyong City.  You get a free Metal Gascan Cap with every purchase of Oakley Eyewear at Maximus Athlete’s Shop and Cafe.  You can also check out bikes, shoes, accessories, Go Pro, and race nutrition items when you visit the shop.  Of course, don’t forget to try out their specialty coffee, which you would surely give you an enriching coffee experience.

You can check the available stock at Francramon.com Facebook Page.

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