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My 34th

Posted by on 11. March 2012


I’m overwhelmed with the overflowing greetings that came days before and until March 9 and even days that followed.  I really look forward to my birthday each year and even if the fanfare or the celebration gets downgraded by the year, it still is my favorite time of the year.  It was great to have so many people from different circle take time to greet you on your birthday.

Early Morning Sufferfest

I woke up with over 50 unread messages and posts already.  I started my day with an early morning sufferfest going through the revolver workout.  It was refreshing to have the good kind of pain to get you started on your birthday and the messages continued to come in during the day.  I probably spent a large chunk of the day replying to everyone’s greetings. Birthday lunch with treasury team and Jing at Max’s. Pizza for the office in the afternoon.  It’s an eat and eat a lot day.  Maybe I should have loaded another session of sufferfest in the morning.

Sambokojin Dinner

I had my pre-birthday treat at Nanbantei with AGSB friends Grace and Alpha last Wednesday and Lunch at Sugarhouse with another AGSB friend April on Thursday but the biggest of the bash was at Sambokojin with Team Total Fitness.  It was an eat all you can, cook all you want Japanese barbeque at Sambokojin in Edsa.  Team Total Fitness came in full force sans few who had some reasons to miss the event.  I always like the cook and barbeque style of dining.  It does add comfort that whatever we eat today will be burned the hard way tomorrow in a training camp.  Great food + Great Company = Great Birthday.

Team Total Fitness Training Camp

Time to burn all those calories loaded in Team Total Fitness and Coach Andy Leuterio’s Swim, Bike and Run Camp at Tagaytay International Convention Center.  I watched the swim part as I’m here more for the bike and run part.  I had a different bike route from the rest of the Team as they are going for a 60Km high elevation climb while I would be joining Mario in an easier route in Amadeo Area.

I hit a major road block going to the 7th kilometer via my first flat tire.  What a bummer? I just couldn’t catch a break lately. Two weeks ago, I was down with flu. Last week I had pain on my quads. Now, a flat tire.  I guess part of training is your body and machine failing.  After my tire was repaired, we continued with a 20-kilometer ride with the last 13 kilometers spent climbing.  End result, I was able to complete the bike leg though I did notice a lot of weak spots to work on – heat management, leg strength and endurance.

“Having weak spots does not make you a weak person, not doing anything about it, does.”

It’s back to development of my bike skills and leg strength as I have a long way to go when it comes to cycling.  Up next was a 5K run in the oval at TICC.  First 2 of 12 laps felt difficult as I was still feeling the fatigue from the bike part but got my second wind on the 3rd lap and went on to finish the 12 laps at a pace between 6-6:30 per minute pace.  There it was, my first brick workout.  A lot of pain, a lot of weak spots to work on but it was a good start.  What a way to celebrate a birthday.

Back to Manila

After lunch and chilling a bit at Starbucks in Tagaytay, it was back to Manila and my sister pulled me for another treat… Bulalo at nearby Batangus… Oh well, the celebration hasn’t ended yet.  It’s another 365 days to plot out the next one.

My Birthday Wish

For some reason, i can’t think of a good birthday wish.  Somehow, I feel that of the things I want, it’s either I already have or it’s something I can work for.  The year I had was a good one.  I had been able to do things, I never though I could have done before. I was able to pursue some passions that I thought was a thing of the past.  It wasn’t always easy but it always was a great journey.  I guess whatever life throws at you is just experience and it does not become a bad experience unless you refuse to learn from it.

Thanks to everyone who made my day and my 33rd year a great one and I’m looking forward that you’d still be an integral part of my 34th.  All the greetings are much appreciated. Cheers!!!

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