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Incoming: Soleus Valley Trail Challenge

Posted by on 11. April 2014

“The trails give you a scenic backdrop, a fresher air, less interruptions as you do what you love to do which is running.   Soleus Valley Trail Challenge brings you the trails of Nuvali that are friendly to new trail runners and have the refreshing scenery that rivals that of New Zealand.  So join the different distance from 15K, 30K or be an ultramarathoner with their 50K distance.

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Soleus Valley Trail Challenge

Race Tee

Being on the trails remind us on why we love running. We want our eyes treated to the magnificent view of the city or nature.  We want our legs and body to feel the workout from continuous striding.  We like to see people who enjoy the same passion.  We are able to think freely and meditate on anything and everything.  We want to feel the fresher air that comes with running.  All these are best experienced in the trails. Nature is our backdrop and at the same time our challenge while we go over the distance.

This are the reason that I love the trails.  It’s a welcome breather from the usual frenetic pace of road race and it’s always refreshing to see the raw beauty of nature.  2014 Soleus Valley Trail Challenge brings you to the trails of Nuvali, which at certain areas have views similar to New Zealand.  Nuvali is one of the best places to be for people who loves the outdoors like me with fresher air, cleaner roads and scenic trails.  It’s a runner friendly trail with rolling but mostly flat terrain.  First time trail runners would love the 15K distance as a baptism to trail running.  Experienced runners can explore more sites with the 30K distance.  This event can also be your transition to be an Ultra Marathoner with the 50K distance.

There are many lessons that trail running teaches you and one of them is being self sufficient so it’s strongly advised for runners to carry their own headlamps/flashlights and hydration kits and nutrition supplies. In the trail, you also get to bring more of your “whine less, run more persona” as you’ll enjoy the run better that way.  Soleus also made sure that you’ll love the add-ons of the race as they have event shirt made of quality materials, a sling bag, post race meal and drinks and a finisher medal for everyone.  Experience the peace and serenity of the trails away from the busy noise of the city.  Before I forget, this is a RAIN or SHINE event. Sometimes the most memorable trails come when we get the conditions we least expect.  Don’t fear the trail, love it.

Earn this medal

Race Details

Medals for everyone


  • Date and Venue:
    • June 29, 2014, Fields Clubhouse, Nuvali
  • Distance and Fees
    • 15K (300 slots) – P750
    • 30K (400 slots) – P1,000
    • 50K (300 slots) – P1,500
      • Includes Event Shirt, Race Bib, Sling Bag, Finisher Medal, Post Race Meals and Drink

  • Registration
    • Registrations Starts on April 11 and ends i June 1, 2014 or until supplies last
    • Registration procedure
      • Bank Deposit: HARDCORE PUBLISHING HOUSE, INC. BPI 2371 0034 71
      • Print your name, shirt size and distance on the deposit slip together with your signed and duly accomplished registration form and waiver (see form below)
      • Scan and email to soleusvtc2014@gmail.com. You will receive an acknowledgement thereafter. Please do NOT post on facebook.
      • Incomplete details on deposit slip will not be honored.
      • For inquiries; frontrunnermag@gmail.com

  • Race Start and Cutoff
    • 15K – Assembly 1t 4:00 AM, Starts at 5:00 AM (Cutoff time at 3 hours – RFID Timing)
    • 30K – Assembly 1t 4:00 AM, Starts at 4:30 AM (Cutoff time at 6 hours – RFID Timing)
    • 50K – Assembly 1t 3:00 AM, Starts at 4:00 Am (Cutoff time at 10 hours – 50K with 25K cutoff at 5 hours – RFID Timing)
  • Kit Claiming / Race Briefing

    •  Kit Claiming -June 6, 7 and 8, 2014 from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM at 100 Miles Cafe, BGC, Taguig City. BRING YOUR DEPOSIT SLIPS when claiming your race kits. NO DEPOSIT SLIPS, NO RACE KITS.
    • Race briefing will be held on the following dates; 6:00 PM June 6, 2014 and 2:00 PM June 7 and 8, 2014 at 100 Miles Cafe, BGC, Taguig City. Please note that the venue can only hold a limited number of participants at a time so please come early if you wish to attend. For those not able to attend the said schedules,  briefing/updates will be held onsite on June 29, 2014 before the start.
    • There will be no race kit distribution during race day at the venue.


  • Race beneficiary
    • Part of the registration fee would go to the heroes foundation



  • Race Maps
    • This is an out and back course with the start and finish lines situated in the vicinity of The Fields Clubhouse.

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