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Be on the Go with Soleus GO!!!

Posted by on 17. March 2014

Soleus Go is now available at L Timestudio for P7450.

When it comes to fitness, it does not start and end with exercise.  It’s a lifestyle. It involve everything you do from the stairs you get to climb daily to the regular walk from the parking lot to the office and yes, it goes farther on how we sleep.  Soleus GO! Activity Band comes with a #MeasuresItAll concept that keeps tracks of your daily calories, daily steps and even your sleep patterns.  It let you set your goals and tracks your progress.”

Soleus Running

Soleus has a constant presence in the running community from the races and athlete they sponsor to their interactions with the runners on a personal approach.  They know what runners (newbie, passionate or elite) want since they are right there running with everybody.  This initiative have them on easy recall among the more affordable sports watches for runners.  With the runners need in mind, they constantly develop product designed to be enjoyed by the runner and one of the product that I’m using is Soleus GO! Activity Band.

Soleus GO!

The Soleus GO! tracks more than just your everyday activities with a real time crisp, organic OLED display. It is with you all the time to motivate, keep you on track and inform you of all activities, even during sleep. Included with the Soleus GO! Platform is a robust mobile app that allows you to sync all of your activities directly to your IOS supported device. This feature will allow you to log your daily activity so all of your data is easily accessible. The wireless sync will also help you to never miss a text message or phone call with automatic caller ID and text messaging notification via Bluetooth connectivity directly to your Soleus GO! Band.  It’s easy to use as upon wearing it on your hand, it already monitors your activity, which you can view via the data feature in the Soleus Go! Activity Band or via the Soleus Go! Application on iphone.

I prefer viewing it via the Soleus GO! application on my phone since I can see real time update on my activity vs my preset goal.  The goal can be set in the app. I set a goal of 10,000 steps as they say having at least 10,000 steps is a sign of good health.  Part of my routine would have me scale 4 floors in my apartment and walk about 2 kilometers back and forth to my parking slot from the office then there’s the walk I get to do when buying my lunch.  On an average that’s about 5,000 steps so being aware of doubling the effort via my Soleus GO! helps.  I still do my training runs 3-4 times a week so on run days, the goal is easy to meet and even doubled but the challenge is to remain active even on non-training days.  That’s what I can monitor with Soleus GO! It also have a move time notification.  I set mine at 45 minutes so when the band vibrates and says move, I have to stand up and walk around.

Then there’s exercise which the Soleus GO! also measures from the number of steps, to the distance, the pace, the speed and the calories burned.  It can actually double as a training watch with this information.  Soleus GO! is just the size of a Runner’s ID or a small wrist band so it doesn’t add drag nor much weight when running.  The results from the exercise module is added in the daily activity.

The sleep tracker is one of my favorite feature of the band as it helps you identify the quality of your sleep.  From the chart, I’m a light sleeper.  I hope I can add more deep sleep time. It also monitors how many times you woke up.  Sleep is one of the thing we take for granted. It’s the time our body rests, balances and recharges our system.  You can set this feature on auto by setting a fixed time of sleep or manual when you turn on the feature as you go to sleep.

The Soleus GO! Application also has archiving features wherein you can go back on the previous days or weeks and see how you did. The chart above includes the 21K Run United 1 which is the reason why I reached 400% of my step goal.   The Soleus GO! Application is customizable and saves your user data: gender, age, height and weight and constantly synced through your Bluetooth device. All of your customized goals will be recorded, stored and displayed for you at real time. The summary of these details can be viewed daily, weekly or monthly through bar graphs that display your recorded activity.

The Soleus GO! also have value added features like date and time, weather & temperature, caller ID, text message notification, vibration alerts, data memory, silicon strap and rechargeable battery via USB.  The Soleus Go! will be available for selling at L TIMESTUDIO and TIMEGEAR boutiques by March 15, 2014. SRP is P7450.00 and includes the Soleus GO! Band, USB Charging Cable, and Dedicated Mobile App.

Follow Soleus

To learn more about Soleus, and their full range of products, please visit soleusrunning.com, friend them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/soleus.running or follow them on Twitter @soleusrunning

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