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Hello September!!!

Posted by on 6. September 2012

“It’s the bigger picture that tells the story but we tend to end up getting lost on the pieces of the puzzles.”


I welcomed September with an injury scare.  After falling hard on my butt in one of the obstacles in my last race.  I felt some sting in my butt every time I sit or exert pressure on it.  I can still run and was even able to do  a old-school Chuck Norris Workout (10 Push ups,  20 situps, 20 dead bugs, 10 air squats, 30 seconds squat + 650 meter run x 10).  I had it massaged and somehow the pain eased up a bit. And after a week,  the pain was tolerable though I was still wondering why there’s still some sting.  I did what I don’t normally do.  I went to a doctor.  The first thing I did this week was to schedule a visit to an orthopedic doctor at Philippine Orthopedic Institute in Makati. Luckily, I was able to get an appointment Monday afternoon and thanks to my health card, I don’t have to spend a single cent.  After describing the incident, having a routine check and an x-ray, I got a sigh of relief as there were no fractures in my tailbone though because of the fall I have an inflamed tailbone and all I had to do was to rest from all the physical activities for two weeks.  I did try to bargain on some workouts I can still do but rest still ended up as the best option. So be it, I’m taking a breather.  I’ve been through a lot, I’ve had cramps, sprains, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, runners knee, a sore back and even a big wound after a bike fall but this would be the first time, I’d be away from training.  I know it’s really a step back but it would be good to shake off all of the previous injuries and start fresh again. I’ll be back!!!


I’m taking the recent developments in a positive light.  For one, I’m using the off time to catch up with friends and colleagues.  It feels odd though that once the clock hits 5:30 pm, I’m not rushing to go for a run or go home to do my regular dose of sufferfest.  I do miss the smell of sweat from a hard workout.  Those run and bike routine are now part of my lifestyle but if you see the bigger picture there will be more races to run and goals to be conquered but I won’t get to those races if I refuse to listen to my body and the doctor’s order to rest.  Sometime, it’s the way we see things that muddles up the issues.  The same holds true with the things we say or do.  Perspective gives us different vantage points at seeing things as different people would have their own different set of measures.  So when things get a bit complex, sit back relax and try to see the bigger picture.

Hello September!!!

I’m in the part of the world that has that starts looking forward to Christmas  once the months starts to end of Ber.  Somehow, I like it that way as it is common knowledge, this country has been beset of problems and calamities.  Just having something to look forward to means so much on days you feel heavy and burdened.  I’m not yet drawn on the Christmas rush nor starting my list of who’s naughty or nice but its nice to welcome September.  Oh wait, that also means I’m back on the year end rush also known as the busy season.  So September, please do creep by slowly as I don’t want yet to embark on another busy season.  On another note, there are good things happening as some inequities in the past finds its way to balance itself this month and I’m largely part of making things right.  My racing calendar is starting to shape up for the last quarter and I can’t wait to resume training over a week from now but for now, I’d enjoy the little moments I can have to be with other non-running friends and doing the little things I miss out when I’m in my busy mode.


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Finally, I’d like to end this with a message of thanks with my second straight months of 8500++ unique hits and while I don’t earn a cent in my website, I’m just glad I get message of thanks from the features I write.  Of course, a big thanks to people end up here to visit my site, those who leaves a comment and those who  share my post.  It’s about a year now since I consolidated all my blogpost here at  Looking to write more in this pages.

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