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Greentennial Run

Posted by on 12. February 2011

Distance: 15K
Time: 1 hour 38 minutes
Date: January 23, 2010
Pace: 6:32 / kilometer

Greentennial has been so active in covering runs and out of gratitude for all the photos they have taken, I made it a point to join this run and it was an additional motivation that it was a chance to conquer a new distance, 15K.

Tried out 15K this time more of a training run but still did go at a fast pace.  Sub30 for first 5K which included a run towards the Kalayaan Flyover all the way to Ayala via Buendia.  After the 7K mark, decided to just maintain a 7 minute per kilometer pace since the distance is longer than what I am used to.  The end result still a very decent finish for this distance even if I had to run with an anklet on both feet to protect my brittle heel.  Hydration station was overflowing, photographers from every corner and they even had a water-delivery truck giving a shower to cool down a bit from all the effort and the heat.

Testing myself over a longer distance was a success and maybe in the very near future, I will test myself again at a much longer distance.  This was never my goal at the start of the training but I guess possibilities are limitless.

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